New Venue Announcement

The Wylie Center, Beverly, MA
New Accommodations: The DoubleTree by Hilton, Danvers, MA

6th Annual Gathering | October 15-20, 2023


The Next Practice Institute (NPI) of Mobius Executive Leadership sponsors transformational training programs for our practitioners, partners, and clients.

These programs operate at the nexus of “best practice” in such areas as organizational development, culture change, adaptive leadership – and “next practice” in neuroscience, somatics, energy work, music, yoga, and other expressive and devotional arts. Together we are creating a global community of practice devoted to the craft of transforming people into stronger leaders, building a more just and sustainable world, and restoring the cultural fabric. Since 2016, we have conducted a week-long professional development immersion, outside of Boston, where we come together to enrich ourselves as practitioners and deepen our community connection. The Annual Gathering brings together a global group of practitioners (including coaches, mediators, interventionists, and facilitators), business leaders, human resources and organizational development professionals, and strategy and leadership advisory consultants. We come together for renewal, learning, inspiration, and practice. The Annual Gathering is supplemented throughout the year with workshops. If you would like to receive our monthly newsletter and announcements about special events, workshops, and emerging scholarship please complete this online form.

2023 Annual Gathering | Program Tracks

Participants can select from one of nine tracks for the week. There are a limited number of spaces for each track. To guarantee your selection, we encourage you to sign up early!

TRACK 1: Creating Conscious Tribes with Nadjeschda Taranczewski

How do you turn organizations into Conscious Tribes, flourishing collectives in which people do inner work, see the bigger picture, invest in deep relationships and practice conscious rituals? An organization that is a Conscious Tribe has a culture of belonging and is irresistible to employees, partners and clients alike. Nadjeschda will present an innovative assessment for collectives, taken from her forthcoming book The Conscious Tribe Playbook. By exploring the eight essential focus areas of a Conscious Tribe, you will not only gain concrete insights into your own collectives, but receive a powerful roadmap for facilitating sustainable transformation in any organizational context.

For a taster of this track, watch the summertime workshop Nadja hosted:

Creating Conscious Tribes – workshop with Nadjeschda Taranczewski


TRACK 2: Systemic Intelligence and Organizational Constellations with Paul Zonneveld and Mieke Jacobs

Paul has over 20 years of practical experience and continues to discover even deeper drivers and energetics of organizations as systems, a field of study and practice for which he is a program director at several European institutions. Mieke has added in-depth systemic and constellation work to her more than twenty years of industry and consulting experience. In this track you will learn how to intervene deeply in organizational systems and how seemingly small interventions lead to breakthroughs in complex organizational challenges.


TRACK 3: Sourcing the Poetic Flame: 10,000 Ways to Enter Your Creative Process with Anne Gottlieb

How do we channel our creative flame into our work, leading us to joyful discovery? Working with a meaningful question or archetype of your choosing, participants will learn to locate many of the ways to unlock the expressive soul. Including literature, music, movement, and visual art, this is a highly experiential and powerful context to support transformation and depth of inquiry. It is designed for those who are ready to move their body, use their voice, and ideally who have done a somatic workshop. Anne is the Director of Presence & Presentation Practice at Mobius. She is an actor, writer, and collaborative artist who has developed a bold approach to transformational leadership, translating 2+ decades of imaginative inquiry, expressive psychology, and professional theater into programs for global leaders.


TRACK 4: Adaptive Leadership and Alignment to Change with Zander Grashow

Co-author of the seminal book The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Zander delves into the art and practice of individual and collective evolution which emerged from thirty years of research at Harvard University. This session will explore the intersection of mobilizing external change and mobilizing ourselves to meet the challenges ahead. Zander has been a trusted partner to presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition.


TRACK 5: Dancing With Complexity with Sheila Dubin and Carolyn Coughlin

How do we equip ourselves to be more resilient, complexity friendly and keep growing our capacity to navigate and lead effectively in our ever changing world? Sheila and Carolyn invite you to explore an evolving body of work of integrative practices that draw on complexity theory, adult development and somatics to embrace the flow of life and leadership. This track will be experiential, movement based, developmental and center on a current challenge that is personal to you and your leadership or life.

TRACK 6: Encounter-Centered Relational Transformation with Hedy Schleifer

Hedy is a master relationship builder who will share her pioneering approach, Encounter-centered Transformation, a discipline and set of tools for thriving in authentic connection; something our world needs now more than ever. In the living laboratory Hedy creates, you will get hands-on experience with relationship enhancing skills, and the opportunity to deep dive into the intricacies of becoming a relational leader. The experience is meant to bolster your relational intelligence on the path to relational maturity.


TRACK 7: Social Presencing Theater (SPT) with Arawana Hayashi and Dr. Matthias Müller-Lindenberg

SPT is an art form and a facilitation methodology connected to Otto Scharmer’s seminal work on Presencing and Theory U. For facilitators who have wanted to better understand how to work with emergence, this track offers a rich chance to study with SPT pioneers. In this track you will use body postures and movements to dissolve limiting concepts, access intuition, make clear current reality, and the deeper, often invisible, leverage points to create profound change. SPT facilitates fast and highly effective organizational change and innovation. Arawana, working with Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge, leads the development of SPT. Matthias is a graduate of Arawana’s SPT Advanced Practitioner Program, a member of the Mobius Personal Mastery Faculty and runs his own leadership development practice focused on entrepreneurs in fast scaling companies in Germany.


TRACK 8: Family Healing and Restoration and the Orders of Love with Ester Martinez

Ester brings twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, constellations expert and as a mystical student of Thomas Huebl. As a senior transformational faculty member of Mobius, Ester serves as faculty for our CEO program conducted with Egon Zehnder (Executive Breakthrough Program) and as a core practitioner in our executive retreat practice where she guides global leaders. This track explores the systematic principles operating within all human systems, including family, teams or organizations. We will explore the invisible realms — the chords that guide so many of the visible symptoms we encounter. This session will lift the veil and ignite your own deep healing process as well.

TRACK 9: The Power of Values as your Evolutionary Force with Lisa Doig

Lisa Doig is a pioneer in linking personal and organizational transformation with values and levels of consciousness. In this track, she will share a simple yet profound methodology of transformation that demonstrates how your challenges call you to live your top value at a higher level of consciousness. The work integrates Kegan’s adult stages of development, Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness Model, Leadership Circle, and other Wisdom sources. Through this frame, you will explore your current challenges and the wisdom within your own values calling you to collapse limiting beliefs and step into your Higher Purpose. Particularly relevant for those who wish to introduce purpose-led and values-driven leadership and culture.

For a taste of the track, watch the summertime workshop Lisa hosted here:

Power of Values as Your Evolutionary force – workshop with Lisa Doig

Keynote Presentations

Supplementing the track learning, we host focus sessions from distinguished and emerging voices in the field of personal, organizational, and societal transformation.

Monday Afternoon

Richard Strozzi-Heckler, Embodied Leadership

Richard Strozzi-Heckler is the Founder of Strozzi Institute. He has spent over five decades teaching Somatics to business, non-profit, military and government leaders. He was an advisor to NATO, the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, and the National Security Advisor. He is the author of nine books, has a PhD in psychology and is a seventh-degree black belt Shihan in the martial art of Aikido. Richard is considered the pioneering voice who introduced Embodied Leadership and Somatic practices into the field of leadership development.

Tuesday Morning

Frederic LaLoux, Reclaiming Integrity and Aliveness

Fred Laloux is the author of Reinventing Organizations, the seminal book that inspired countless leaders of large corporations, of environmental, social and faith movements to make the leap to a new management paradigm. Currently, his inquiry invites us to examine how the structures we inhabit so often require us to step out of integrity, and how deeply we long to reconnect with wholeness and aliveness.

Tuesday Afternoon

Dr. Angela Jackson, Building a Future that Works for Everyone

Dr. Angela Jackson is the founder of Future Forward Strategies, a labor market intelligence, design and impact investing firm. Dr. Jackson also serves as a Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and was the architect of the Future of Work Grand Challenge, an initiative to rapidly reskill 25,000 displaced workers into living-wage jobs. An expert in impact investing and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) and the technology trends driving the future of work, she believes “rebuilding an economy that works for everyone is the calling of our time.” Dr. Jackson will be speaking about these trends and inviting us into a vision of a more sustainable future for workers and employers.

Wednesday Morning

Karl Scheibe, Sometimes Life is Sweet: Vicissitudes of Human Mood

Karl Scheibe is a social and clinical psychologist whose teaching and writing centers around the psychology of self and identity. His publication record spans 50 years and covers problems of human predictability, studies on self and identity, and the connections between psychology and the techniques of theater. His books include The Drama of Everyday Life and Mirrors, Masks, Lies, and Secrets: The Limits of Human Predictability.

Wednesday Afternoon

Dr. Gisela Wendling, Liminality, Ritual, and the Sacred in Leadership

Dr. Gisela Wendling has been described as a visionary anthropological theorist and is a senior consultant facilitating systemic change with a passion for developing leaders and practitioners. She is also the author of the forthcoming Liminal Pathways Study and co-author of Visual Consulting and the Leading as Sacred Practice eBook. She will share how ritual, community, and a sense of the sacred can help leaders and their organizations navigate liminal spaces and harness the potential of uncertain times.

Thursday Morning

Ashish Nanda, The Essence of Professionalism

Senior Lecturer and C. Roland Christensen Distinguished Management Educator at Harvard Business School, Professor Nanda’s research focuses on the ethics and economics of professional services. He will discuss the challenges of being an ethical professional services partner, how managing conflict is central to the identity of a professional and how it can be done effectively.

Thursday Afternoon

Peter Koenig, Pioneering the Viability of Love As the New Bottom Line of Business

Peter Koenig has been developing tools and systems to accelerate consciousness and human development for leaders for 40 years. He is an expert in Seminal Thinking, Behavioral Finance, and Organizational Architecture. He coined the term transforlution. At the heart of his expertise is a series of deep insights into our relationship to money, the realization of life purpose, and transformation.

Friday Morning

Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter, Compassionate Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way

Based on their new book Compassionate Leadership: How to Do Hard Things in a Human Way, Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter share how leaders can balance what it takes to be strong and effective with compassionate caring for their people. They regularly write on leadership for HBR. Rasmus is the Founder and Jacqueline is a Senior Partner of Mobius Alliance Partner, Potential Project, a global leadership training, organizational development and research firm. They help leaders and organizations enhance performance, innovation and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and research.

Wednesday Intensive

with Master Mobius Transformational Faculty, Thomas Huebl

A special group session with Thomas Huebl

For the sixth year in a row, at the heart of our Annual Gathering, we will study the practices of consciousness development and the processes for healing individual, family, and collective trauma.

These quiet hours in the center of the week-long gathering offer a rare opportunity to study the mystical principles of transformation with non-dual teacher Thomas Huebl, who joins us each year for an immersion in his teaching.

Leading the group for a day of study, practice and healing, Thomas will offer his unique approach for living as a “mystic in the marketplace” – sharing his understanding of the mystical principles of embodiment, inter-generational restoration and personal evolution. We are truly delighted to offer this opportunity to practice with an advanced teacher who understands the challenges of modern life and grounds his work in psychology, philosophy, and meta-physical awareness.

Thomas Huebl is a rare guide: a masterful mystic able to navigate advanced realms of spiritual mastery while presenting himself in a delightfully warm, transparent, brotherly way. He is the best of modern enlightenment: deep thinking, clear-seeing, and radical in his stance.

In 2020 he published his ground-breaking book Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds. This opus explores how significant collective trauma symptoms are in shaping our modern society and contains cutting-edge remedies that serve as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Thomas has been guiding many of our practitioners in the professional development of state-of-the-art healing practices and trauma-informed approaches to executive development. Through NPI, Thomas offers workshops, supervision groups/hyper-learning circles and study groups exploring mystical principles.

Thomas is blazing a path of 21st century spiritual practice and helping thousands of students around the world to really live their awakening amid today’s busy world. His annual summit on Collective Trauma and his non- profit, Pocket Project, are leading beacons in the field.
Wednesday’s session will focus on healing and the art of transformational facilitation.

Evening Activities

The Third Story of the Universe (by Zoom)
Monday Evening | 8:00pm

Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme is Director of the Third Story at Human Energy, a nonprofit public benefit organization, and professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program. He has authored numerous books and co-produced the Emmy-winning film Journey of the Universe. Swimme did his doctoral work in gravitational dynamics in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oregon. In this talk he will share a cosmological narrative of the human journey with speculations concerning its near-term culmination in the emergence of a noosphere, a united humanity.

“We are to become celebration and generosity, burst into self-awareness. What is the human? The human is a space, an opening, where the universe celebrates its existence.”

– Brian Swimme

Wednesday Evening | 8:00pm

Grammy nominee, kirtan artist, and world music pioneer Jai Uttal has been a leading influence in the Bhakti tradition for the past 50 years. Jai considers devotion to be the core of his musical and spiritual life, and he shares his passionate heart through his voice and songs. He has emerged as a leading influence in the Bhakti tradition and considers Bhakti central to his musical and spiritual life and the pathway to awaken and nourish the seed of devotion within yourself. Jai creates a safe environment for people to open their hearts and voices. No previous experience is needed. This is an exploration and expression of the heart and the spirit.

“Kirtan allows us to enter into a mystery world – a world where all the logic of our minds, all the condition and learning are left outside. And in this mystery, we create a temple inside of our hearts, a place of refuge, a place of love, a place of just being.”

– Jai Uttal

Thursday Evening | 8:00pm

Electric cellist and vocalist Jami Sieber reaches inside the soul with compositions that are contemporary, timeless, lush, and powerfully evocative. Internationally celebrated, Jami’s innovative performances move beyond the surface, seeking and re-seeking her truth by creating musical bridges and connections. Doing what moves her, she inspires listeners with her honesty, musical prowess, and humanity. Her life-long commitment to the environment, social justice, and the healing arts is at the heart of her music, reflecting a deep dedication to the arts as a medium to express the interconnectedness of all beings.

“Jami Sieber plays music on electric and acoustic cello with a passion that translates into soul-baring poetry.”

– Richard Klecka, Conscious Choice Magazine