Transformational Specialists

Mobius is the proud home to unique transformational voices, profoundly gifted practitioners and master facilitators whose craft continues to push the boundaries of our field of practice.

Robert Bosnak; Sander Tideman; Hilorie Baer; Srinivasan Pillay; Paul Dunion; Anne Gottlieb; Jennifer Cohen Jen Cohen; Erica Ariel Fox Erica Fox; Zander Grashow; Terry Real; Richard Schwartz Dick Schwartz; Martin Boroson; Priya Parker; Mark Thornton; Charlotte Thornton; Ester Martinez; Thomas Huebl Thomas Hubl; Lynda Caesara

  • Dr. Srinivasan Pillay

    Mobius Senior Expert, Author of Your Brain and Business. 

  • Introducing Srinivasan Pillay

  • Dr. Paul Dunion

    Mobius Senior Expert, Transformational Faculty, Author of Seekers, Shadow Marriage,  Dare to Grow Up. 

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  • Anne Gottlieb

    Mobius Senior Expert, Director of Leadership Presence and Presentation

  • Jennifer Cohen

    Mobius Senior Expert, Transformational Faculty

  • Erica Ariel Fox

    Mobius Chief Thought Leader, Author of Winning From Within: A breakthrough method for leading, living and lasting change

  • Zander Grashow

    Mobius Senior Expert, Co-author of The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

  • Terry Real

    Mobius Senior Expert, Author of The New Rules of Marriage, How Can I Get Through to You

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  • Richard Schwartz

    Mobius Senior Expert, Author of Internal Family Systems

  • Martin Boroson

    Mobius Transformational Faculty, Founder, One Moment Company

  • Priya Parker

    Mobius Senior Expert, Author of The Art of Gathering

  • Mark Thornton

    Mobius Transformational Faculty, Author of Meditation in a New York Minute

  • Charlotte Thornton

    Mobius Transformational Faculty

  • Ester Martinez

    Mobius Transformational Faculty

  • Thomas Huebl

    Mobius Master Transformational Faculty, Author of Healing Collective Trauma

  • Lynda Caesara

    Mobius Master Transformational Faculty

  • Robert Bosnak

    Mobius Senior Expert, Author of Embodiment, Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming

  • Sander Tideman

    Mobius Transformational Faculty, Author of Business as an Instrument for Societal Change: Dialogues with the Dalai Lama

  • Hilorie Baer

    Mobius Transformational Faculty

Our Community of Practice

Mobius is comprised of a group of eminent Senior Experts and a global community of transformational practitioners. Our team includes executive coaches, transformational facilitators, top team interventionists, business mediators, and large scale change experts. Mobius’ expert faculty combine more than a decade of success in transforming leaders from the inside out, through a deeply insightful and compassionate approach to personal and collective change.

Our network model allows us to build ensemble faculty teams tailored for each client need. For each client request we assemble a specific team of consultants to design the intervention, deliver the program or scope the one on one work. Our senior most practitioners stay close to our clients for a high touch experience and a high impact outcome.

Over the last fifteen years our practitioners have grown into a deep and wide network of close friends who learn together, teach together and support each other’s inner development. The quality of closeness, generosity and connection we build with each other, in turn, supports the openness and authenticity and intimacy of our client programs.

Our cadre of practitioners is enhanced by a world class team of therapists and trauma experts who train, supervise and collaborate with our core faculty.

Practitioners: Top Team Work

Robin Alfred; Thom Allena; Maria Arias; Sally Arundell; Deena Benner; Anais Bock; Cortney Cahill; Patrick Campiani; Martine Cannon; Darsham Chirabhanu; Adriana Chmiel; Ivo Delfgaauw; Joana Dominques; Thomas Halbeisen; Deborah Henderson; Andrea Ingrish; Mieke Jacobs; Caryn Kaftal; Verena Kugi; Alex Kuilman; Daniel Ludevig; Kirstan Marnane; Yan Martin; Tim Munden; Tom Penningroth; Henry Ritchie; Jens Riese; Suzzane Rotondo; Julian Saipe; Yotam Schachter; Ayoub Semaan; Peter Shearer; Giorgio Siracusa; Angelique Skoulas; Doug Sundheim; Nadjeschda Taranczewski; Lyn Travis; Carolyn Volpe Cunningham; Gauthier von Eetvelde; Scott Malcolm; Andrea Winter; Paul Zonneveld

“What sets us apart as human beings is that we can connect to the emerging Future.”


Practitioners: Executive Coaching

Rebecca Arora; Deepa Awal; Abby Barton; Nancy Beer; Chantal Below; Jennifer Bezoza; Rob Bier; Asa Bjornberg; Lori Brewer Collins; Barret Brown; Boris Carl; Matthew Cooper; Mary Drake; Chita Filali; Teddy Frank; Dana Galin; Stephenie Girard; Juilie Harnik; Jo Ilfeld; Arzhang Kamarei; Gina Laroche; Annie Leib; Annie Marks; Tony Martignetti; Sue McDonnell; Catherine Mullally; Hawlan Ng; Nilesh Parikh; John Rex; Shahmeen Sadiq; John Sanchez; Josephine Schoolkate; Jon Shuster; Nicole Silverman; Anne Marie Sorrenti; Karin Stawarky; Kristine Steinberg; Yvonne Sum; Marietta Vis; Chris Wahl; Wendee Wolfson

“Changing one’s own behavior is a much more promising strategy than insisting on change from the other.”


Practitioners: The Voyager Program and Leadership Offerings

John Abbruzzese; Rachel Akehurst; Marc Avanzo; Hendrik Backerra; Sandra Baron; Alex Bierach; Richard Cohen; Abigail Croft; Lisa Doig; Malcolm Doig; Frieda Edgette; Alix Farquhar; Amy Rebecca Gay; Caroline Glanville-Jones; Claire Goodson; Raluca Graebner; Melissa Heinze; Bernardus Holtrop; Jeroen Kamphuis; Michael Katz; Bettina Koski; Jaime Lee; Ben Littauer; Joanna Mackie; Judy Malan; Adriana Mascoli; Jennifer May; Matthias Mueller-Lindenberg; Colleen Naughton; Stephanie Pizzaro; Lourdes Prieto Alves; Marc Roudebush; Matt Smith; Mark Thornton; Gillien Todd; Barbara Tremblay; Ana-Luisa Ugalde; Bill Underwood; Felicity Waterford; Joe Weston; Susi Willis; Alex Eunkyeong Yu

“Let go of your desired outcome. The quality of your listening deteriorates significantly if you are trying to find clues to a solution, want to be right or come across as smart. Your need to help, fix or find solutions is not so useful. Your willingness to listen, understand, observe, witness, and facilitate, is.”


Leadership Consultants

Divya Agarwal; Rawan Albina; Sofia Fernandez; Jolanta Golanowska; Grace Ho; Gunda Johannes; Alexia Larmaroud; Jennifer Lynch; Riccardo Mariani; Kate Van Akin

“Let go of your desired outcome. The quality of your listening deteriorates significantly if you are trying to find clues to a solution, want to be right or come across as smart. Your need to help, fix or find solutions is not so useful. Your willingness to listen, understand, observe, witness, and facilitate, is.”


Therapeutic Faculty

Hilorie Baer; Beth Bardovi; Gary Blaser; Martin Boroson; Jennifer Cohen; Paul Dunion; David Hayes; Nancy Hyatt; Lawrence James; Jennifer Krier; Jonathon Marshall; Ester Martinez; Charlotte Thornton; Elizabeth Torres; Julie Winter