The Voyager Program

Transformational learning tailored for your organization’s top talent

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Take your leaders on an extraordinary journey

Businesses need leaders who are purposeful and transformational. People who can impact their organizations and the world. Leaders who can face our uncertain world and disrupted industries with a steady hand, an inspiring vision, a clear strategy, an agility to adapt, and an authentic presence that holds diverse and virtual workplaces together. Business schools don’t prepare leaders to play this role. By and large, executive education programs don’t either.

We know that knowledge and skills can only take you so far. For experienced leaders to grow, they need respectful challenges to their assumptions, their modes of operation, their blind spots. Sometimes they need help to embrace their greatness. We also know that hypothetical, general examples don’t focus on the specific leadership characteristics that your organization needs to cultivate right now to achieve your business imperatives. The Voyager Program is co-designed with you to reinforce your company’s values and distinctive ethos while fostering the deep shifts your executives need to make to lead your organization into the future.

“The ‘voyage’ is a timeless motif for self-discovery and fulfilling your potential, both as a person and as a leader. As Voyagers we live in a state of  paradox. We need audacity and humility. The hunger to grow and acceptance of where we are now. The urgency to act and the patience to let  things ripen.”


Transformational learning led by world-class faculty

  • A customized learning program co-designed with you for your top talent and closely linked to your organization’s values, vision, and business imperatives

  • The only leadership program available based on the New York Times best-selling leadership book Winning From Within, created by Erica Ariel Fox, the global thought leader who wrote the book and developed the proprietary Winning From Within® methodology. Led by the only faculty in the world trained by Erica

  • A strong focus on experiential learning, drawing on a wide set of “right-brain” modalities that bring insights to life and embed learning over time

  • A 3-4 day immersive workshop format that can stand alone, or can be coupled with small group coaching, digital learning or individual development

  • One-on-one expert coaching for each participant, as well as partner and group exercises, breakout groups, team dialogues, and very little lecture

  • Cohorts of between 12-24 people, with a high faculty-to-participant ratio

  • Typically delivered to your top 100-300 senior leaders

“Winning from Within offers a powerful and practical method for character development, a missing link in leadership development that is increasingly essential for new and seasoned executives alike.”


Winning From Within: The Big Four



Core Strength:


Sweet Spots:

Generates their vision

Dares to pursue their dreams

Senses a path forward

Drive Innovation in your organization. Tap into the collective creativity of your teams. Unlock the imagination, using the sensing and intuitive capacities of your leaders to refine strategy.



Core Strength:


Sweet Spots:

Applies facts and logic

Considers consequences

Looks from all sides

Balance expertise with curiosity and an openness to persuasion. Foster humility to realize the context is likely too complex for one person to have the whole picture. Manage risks by analyzing and mitigating second order consequences of your actions. Include multiple possible interpretations of the situation to get the best of collective intelligence.



Core Strength:


Sweet Spots:

Connects with emotions

Builds and maintains trust

Collaborates with others

Help build meaningful psychological safety into the cultural fabric of your organization. Promote caring, generosity and compassion within the company. Practice inclusion and high touch authentic expression in daily ways.



Core Strength:


Sweet Spots:

Speaks hard truths

Holds their ground

Takes action

Drive accountability and personal commitment to drive results. Build healthy boundaries for self-care, mental health and well-being. Create resilience and empowerment throughout the organization. Help everyone to abide by and protect the values of the company and its ethical high ground.

A low Warrior fails to prioritize, lacks execution focus and cannot demonstrate resilience

A high Lover places harmony above other considerations

A high Thinker only sees risks and cannot demonstrate cognitive flexibility

A low Dreamer cannot ignite other’s imaginations or generate followership

“In this appealingly personal, professional, and practical approach, Fox brings the world of leadership to a whole new level, by including the missing dimension, the ‘inner game’: What is the agenda you are driving, and what is the agenda that is driving you?”


Winning From Within Toolbox

To cascade the Winning from Within model to a global organization, clients can share Winning from Within in a Box, 52 week transformational leadership practices. To order Winning from Within In A Box please contact

Bernardus Holtrop, Director Client Programs and Services

Bernardus Holtrop is a Mobius Senior Consultant, Leadership Development facilitator, Team Effectiveness specialist and Executive Coach. He has spent 20 years helping Fortune 100 companies and is a senior practitioner in Mobius transformational methodologies. Before joining Mobius, Bernardus worked at McKinsey & Company as a learning program manager, designer, facilitator and coach with McKinsey Partner Learning.

John Abbruzzese, Director of Leadership Services

John Abbruzzese is a Mobius Senior Consultant who works with clients across a range of industries on topics including negotiation, conflict resolution, communication, team dynamics, and leadership. His work draws on cutting-edge research in organizational behavior, neuroscience, and social psychology as well as the latest tools of transformational coaching, systems thinking, and action science.

Erica Ariel Fox, Chief Thought Leader

Erica Ariel Fox is the Chief Thought Leader at Mobius Executive Leaders and the author of its proprietary leadership offering Winning from Within®. Erica is a long time Lecturer at Harvard Law School and a Senior Advisor to Egon Zehnder. She is a frequent contributor to Forbes, HBR online and as a LinkedIn Influencer has over 150,000 followers.

See Erica’s Forbes blogs here.

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