Adaptive Leadership Offerings

Adaptive Leadership is mobilizing the needed changes in yourself, your team, organization and systems around you. Zander Grashow is a Mobius Senior Expert, co-author of Adaptive Leadership (Harvard Business Press) and Leading in a Permanent Crisis. He is also the founder of Good Wolf Group and creator of the Good Wolf Process.

Building Adaptive Capacity


Implement the ideas, frameworks and strategies to face your current challenges. Simply put, Adaptive Capacity is about awareness and adjustment. Said  differently, it is about expanding the diagnosis of what needs to evolve, identifying where change is possible and determining what capacity is needed to deliver results. Once the diagnostic is complete, the next phase is applying the competency to mobilize and deliver on the required changes.


  • Defined personal growth areas

  • Identified mobilization strategies for key actors

  • Reframed adaptive challenges

  • Internalized Adaptive Leadership frameworks and skills

“Adaptive Capacity is being viable today and future-ready for tomorrow.”


Leading Your Team through Adaptive Change


In this interactive workshop, a breakthrough team process is applied to current business challenges. Through direct application, participants learn how to approach adaptive challenges with delineated roles, processes and tools. This rapid cycle process creates new norms of behavior and approaches to their most critical work.


  • Clarity on roles and responsibilities

  • Shared language, tools and processes for change

  • Identified adapative competencies

  • Strategic plan for the next action items

Adaptive Audit


Identify where you can continue, upgrade, let go and add for the future. Through interviews, data gathering and facilitated team sessions, we produce a map of  your adaptive needs and capacity. This process highlights where attention, resources and systems are needed to meet current and future challenges. The data  spans across organizational design, talents and cultural domains.


  • A map of where to stabilize and evolve the business

  • A map of the adaptive capacity of the team

  • A map of the adaptive capacity of the organization

  • A list of sources of “fuel” for the needed tasks ahead

“The most common cause of failure in leadership is produced by treating adaptive challenges as if they were technical problems.”

~ From The Practice of Adaptive Leadership

Evolution Decision Maker


Break through stalemates, old paradigms and decision paralysis to step forward into your next chapter. The Evolution Decision Maker is a highly facilitated disciplined process to make needed progress on the future reality of your team and business. This practice shifts choices and crossroads from the abstract and avoided into a disciplined process of resolution. We take your team through a step-by-step engagement of refining the choice, defining the decision criteria and mobilizing stakeholders for swift execution.


  • Identified decisions, criteria and execution teams

  • Business decision analyzed and executed

  • Mobilization and execution plans in place

  • Defined benchmarks and success factors

“Authority is delivering on expectations. Leadership is the changing of expectations.”


Meet Zander – Mobius Senior Expert

Zander Grashow has led the forefront of evolutionary change in companies, teams and pioneering executives. He is the co-author of The Practice of Adaptive Leadership (Harvard Business) and Leadership in a Permanent Crisis. His clients include Google, TED, HBO, NBA, IBM, Rockefeller Foundation and The Open Society Foundations. He has been a confidential advisor to presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition. Zander has proven again and again that the capacity to adapt and evolve can be harnessed and performed with creative and diligent precision.