Executive Retreats

In the last several years Mobius and the Good Wolf Group have created pioneering leadership immersions for individual executives, an executive and their spouse, or multi-generational family businesses. These sessions are entirely private and bespoke – designed with the specific vocational, professional and personal needs of the attendees. They are facilitated by highly experienced transformational faculty members.

Peaceful by Michael Robbins, Mobius Featured Artist

These offerings are catalytic in nature and perfect for someone about to assume a new level of organizational leadership; preparing for a succession to Chief Executive, or interested in deepening their sense of purpose and legacy.

The Good Wolf Process

This is the most comprehensive, private and fast-track way to determine what to do with the next chapters of your life. The process begins with a two-day off-the-grid retreat and is followed by six-months of active support, strategic execution and accountability.

A participant will go through a series of structured modules to create enormous clarity on who they are and how they work. These modules are used to both find patterns and to develop a unique decision making filter for real time and future decisions. It is personal model making at its highest form.

The Good Wolf Retreat is conducted by Mobius Senior Expert Zander Grashow. Zander is creator of the process and co-author of The Practice of Adaptive Leadership (Harvard Business School Press).

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Our focus on personal mastery derives from our belief that true transformation comes when individuals across a system or organization experience it at a deep personal level first.

Customized Leadership Immersions

Customized Leadership Immersions are retreats designed for an executive who are: considering a new role with a wider degree of responsibility; or who want to tackle stuck interpersonal patterns and habits; or are ready to significantly unlock their full potential and who are drawn to create a confidential setting to ask deep questions of their lives. Conducted in private with senior coaches as facilitators, guides and interlocutors, the CLI is often seen as a sea-change moment of inner evolution, imagination, and integration.


Ester Martinez

ESTER MARTINEZ is a pioneer in introducing personal mastery, consciousness work and transformational healing into the business world. Ester serves as a core transformational faculty member for Mobius senior most leadership offerings. She is highly regarded as an extraordinary facilitator and guide for personal and collective healing work. Ester’s connection to and comprehension of what lies beneath perceived patterns, roles and identities allow people to connect more fully to their life’s true purpose and potential, and to gain clarity around issues that may be blocking them in both their professional and personal lives. Her teaching and counseling integrates her understanding and embodiment of mystical principles, extensive psychological studies and her years facilitating both family and organizational constellation sessions. 

Mark Thornton

MARK THORNTON, Mobius Senior Consultant, is a corporate trainer, author and founder of a hedge fund working to end poverty. Since 2005 Mark has been one of the senior most practitioners with Mobius Executive Leadership conducting transformational leadership programs and offering immersive individual coaching to senior leaders. His proprietary courses, Stress Free High Performanceand Optimal Work Flow Strategies, improve leadership efficiency and impact.

Martine Cannon

For more than 15 years MARTINE CANNON, a Mobius Transformational Faculty Member and Executive Coach, has helped senior managers worldwide from diverse industries improve their quality of leadership, performance and engagement within complex organizations. Martine’s work focuses on realizing the promise of powerful human relationships as a vehicle for creating quantifiable value in the world. Martine helps executives think effectively together rather than fight for airtime. She creates the conditions for committed, purposeful action that doesn’t fluctuate with confidence levels, external circumstances or energy levels. Martine guides people in the transformation process so they realize the seemingly impossible in all areas of life.

Our executive retreats are a breakthrough innovation in executive development, pioneered with top team members globally, and embraced by boards as a critical lever for CEO-readiness and leading change.

Personal Mastery Immersions

Personal Mastery Immersions are private retreats with an executive and members of our transformational coaching and therapeutic practitioners. Conducted for an individual, a couple or a family, these are healing and restorative occasions with profound impact.


Hilorie Baer

HILORIE BAER is a personal coach and transformational facilitator with 25 years experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. She is a pioneer in developing a new approach to personal transformation through the practical application of mystical principles.

David Hayes

DAVID HAYES is a leadership coach and transformational facilitator on Mobius’ Winning from Within faculty. David is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professional Clinical Counselor. He is also a senior doctoral candidate in psychoanalytic training at Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Study, as well as a certified mediator, published poet, and award-winning essayist.

Giulio Brunini

GIULIO BRUNINI works with senior executives from around the world on leadership embodiment programs. He brings a blend of cultures and experiences, a strong passion for nature, and a curiosity and interest in personal journeys and self-reflection to his clients. 

Nancy Hyatt

NANCY HYATT brings over twenty years of experience in transformational psychotherapy. She works with individuals, couples, groups and organizations to release old emotional blocks that interfere with achieving personal, professional and relational potential. Her approach integrates cutting edge neuroscience, best practices in relational psychotherapy and mind/body wisdom. 

Beth Bardovi

BETH BARDOVI is a somatic psychotherapist with over three decades of experience. She incorporates diverse disciplines into her work with adults, adolescents and couples including somatic therapies, neuroscience, attachment therapy, cognitive approaches, transpersonal psychology and eastern philosophies. She uses breath to balance the nervous system, to change and release old habitual holding patterns and to foster a deeper, more authentic experience of self. This builds new neural pathways that create a deep sense of well-being and deep and lasting transformation. 

“In our deepest humanity lives our highest potential.”


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