Disrupt-it-Yourself: How Large Companies Innovate

Illustrative Innovation Workshops

  • Intraprenurial “Moonshot” – Identify, develop and experiment with ideas that will make a competitive difference for your organization.
  • Super-charge teams to innovate with Jugaad (Frugal) Innovation – Gain experience with a proven innovation tool that you can use independently or with your team.
  • Scale Impact with Jugaad (Frugal) Innovation – Develop an intrapreneurial mindset. Build on small scale execution and move toward scale

Dr. Simone Ahuja advises Fortune 1000 companies to put in place systems that help companies innovate faster, better, and cheaper. Her approach is based on the mindset and principles utilized by necessity-driven entrepreneurs in resource-constrained environments around the world – both in developed and developing economies. She has spent years researching how under-resourced entrepreneurs innovate brilliantly with less, and has developed a system rooted in frugal innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Many executives are aware that they need more intrapreneurs—people who, despite being employees, behave in many ways like entrepreneurs. But they’re not sure how to create the conditions needed to attract and empower these people, much less manage the whole spectrum of innovations from incremental improvements of existing offerings to highly ambitious and groundbreaking ‘moonshots.’ The Disrupt-It-Yourself (DIY) imperative presupposes that the only way an organization can win in an innovation-driven economy is to invent the future itself by unleashing more of its own talent and energy.”

Dr. Simone Ahuja, a Mobius Innovation Expert, is the founder of Blood Orange, a marketing and strategy advisory boutique with a focus on innovation and emerging markets. She has conducted extensive ethnographic, background, and academic research on innovation occurring at the grassroots level in emerging markets, to that of US-based multinationals. Coupled with her own experience working with transnational teams, this experience has given her a holistic lens through which to view the mindset and principles of emerging markets-inspired innovation – and its relevance in a global context.