How to have the time of your life | Martin Boroson | TEDxTotnes

We are experiencing an epidemic of time poverty these days: everyone is ‘crazy busy’. But instead of buying yet another productivity tool, or waiting for the next time-saving technology, maybe we just need a new way of thinking about time. The solution, according to Martin Boroson, is all in your mind.

Martin Boroson is the creator of One-Moment Meditation®—a radical approach to meditation training that helps people break through the time barrier, get started meditating now, and experience the power of just one moment of focused attention.

His short, animated film, How to Meditate in a Moment, has been seen by almost two million people and his book, One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go, now in twelve languages, was featured as a thirty-day series on stress relief for

Responding to demand for training in this technique, Marty founded the One Moment Company, which now delivers training and consulting to large organizations and the public, helping people reduce stress and boost creativity and resilience through present-moment awareness.

Marty’s background includes studying philosophy at Yale and earning an MBA from the Yale School of Management. He has practiced Zen, worked as a psychotherapist and theatre producer, and trained in the facilitation of break
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