The Energetics of Problem Solving


MAY 20 – 24, 2024


During this session you will work with the nuts and bolts of using energy skill sets to help resolve problems. You will create your own virtual reality 4th dimensional workshop in which to do your work. Skill sets such as measuring, imagining, owning your personal authority, how to change a belief system, and how to hand off a problem to your created matrix as well as other skills will be reviewed. You will also continue to work with the three intentions for the Energy Class material: increasing your awareness of energy; competency with energy; and your body’s capacity to manage energy.

As always, being with Lynda is a chance to learn from her facilitation and group process work; receive the transmission of her presence and wisdom; and enhance your own ability to work live with energetic development and intervention. Few practitioners in our orbit are more able to refine and up-skill a group facilitator than Lynda and her deep offerings and embodied expertise.

Pre-requisites for the Advanced Problem-Solving workshop include:

  • The 10-day Energy Mastery Program
  • The Light Sides of the Patterns 5-day Program
  • Memorization of and consistent practice with the 20-count.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Due to limited program seating refunds prior to 30 days of the program will be issued with a 10% cancellation fee. We apologize that we are not able to issue refunds for cancellations within 30 days of the program. For questions, please contact:

Program Registration: $5,000 Includes the full program, breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks. PLEASE NOTE the registration fee does NOT include overnight accommodations. A block of rooms has been reserved for our registrants on site.


Lodge at Marconi

18500 CA-1
Marshall, CA 49490

Program Agenda:

Starting Monday, May 20th at 9:00am and ending Friday, May 24th at 5:00pm.

*Please prepare to be present for the entirety of the program.

The Instructor


LYNDA CAESARA, Master Transformational Faculty

Lynda brings decades of experience teaching and guiding students in energy mastery in rituals, courses and workshops. She is passionate about energy work & electromagnetic principles, the dance of Masculine and Feminine, and energetic mastery. In the 1970s, she attended Berkeley Psychic Institute and attended and taught at Heartsong Psychic Institute. In addition to these programs, she has studied Christian Mysticism and Shamanic Healing. She has been doing bodywork since 1975, and views energy through that practical lens. Since 2001 she has been teaching her own unique perspective in the Energy Class format, founding and leading an energy path for hundreds of students.