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Michael Grubb

Michael Grubb coaches businessses and managers to achieve their full potential through strong relationships, self-monitoring, and taking action. A business leader and management coach with more than sixteen years experience in the Internet industry, including seven years as an executive at public companies, since 2007 Michael has provided management coaching and technology and business consulting in his private practice.
Previously, as Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Technology at LookSmart, Ltd. in San Francisco, Michael led the technology side of the high-volume advertising and consumer internet business, with more than a billion transactions per day and more than 16 million unique visitors per month. Prior to that, at Akamai Technologies, Michael built many of the original operational and engineering groups and ran them for the first 3 years of the company. As Chief Systems Architect as well as Vice President, Operations at Akamai, Michael designed the organizational and technical strategy for running a global network operation with more than 15,000 servers in 66 countries, with near-flat operating expense and with 100% uptime. Prior to Akamai, Michael was a principal architect of campus-wide email, web, and computing services at Duke University, servicing more than 30,000 users.
Michael has the domain-specific expertise to help technical businesses thrive. Passionate about scalability of people, processes and technology, he is well-known as an innovator of new technologies and new organizational structures to support them. He has a rare combination of technical and business acumen, and both engineering and operations experience. Michael holds a bachelors degree in Philosophy from Duke University and a J.D. with Honors from the University of North Carolina, and he is currently enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.