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Kelly Kienzle

Kelly Kienzle is a leadership coach and small group facilitator supporting individuals to improve organizational performance.  Kelly believes that by strengthening self-awareness and widening one’s perspective, a leader can learn to see scenarios from a new angle that uncovers the possibility for greater productivity, creativity and overall fulfillment.

She helps people build skills in self-identified areas including navigating change, strengthening leadership presence, setting a vision, building trust and increasing followership.

Kelly is a people development specialist with over 25 years of experience.  For 12 years, she provided professional career development to hundreds of top performers globally at McKinsey & Co., one of the pre-eminent management consulting firms.  In this role, she offered career coaching, led hiring strategies, and spearheaded organizational development initiatives aimed at building communities and changing cultures.  She also has deep experience in the design of professional development processes and recruitment strategies for start-up groups.

Prior to this work, Kelly spent several years working in two national law firms, SNR Denton and Howrey & Simon, to develop their recruitment and talent management strategies.  She has interviewed hundreds of candidates to assess for organizational cultural fit and interpersonal skills.   She has also been a manager of numerous hiring committees and led numerous teams.

Kelly is a PCC-certified Leadership Coach with the International Coach Federation with over 1,400 documented hours of coaching experience.  Kelly earned a Master’s of Positive Organizational Development at Case Western Reserve University where she focused on how to build resonant leadership and achieve organizational growth.   She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program where she studied in the fields of adult development, somatics, behavioral science and linguistics.

She is certified or trained in DiSC, ESCI, Strengths-based Development, MBTI and Appreciative Inquiry.  She has led and worked with teams scattered across the globe enabling her to work comfortably across cultures.

She enrolls in continuing education courses each year to remain accredited as a leadership coach and to deepen her knowledge in targeted areas.

Kelly lives with her husband and two daughters outside of Charlottesville, VA.  She travels to DC several times each month to meet with her clients and so is a rabid fan of train travel.

She has always loved to listen to people’s stories of how they perceive the world.  Her work is dedicated to supporting people to write the next chapter of their professional development stories.