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Kate Rivera

Kate has been coaching since 1995, where she coached and supervised astaff of twenty therapists at a Therapeutic Massage Center in Boston. In1998 she was hired as Head Coach at Wellspace Boston, which opened as the largest Complementary Health Care Center in the country. While there, Kate coached, trained and supervised 37 practitioners of many different healing arts from naturopathic medicine/chiropractic, Integrative Bodywork
and Yoga among many other modalities.

Since then Kate has coached individuals, partnerships, teams and small businesses to help people map out and implement their goals, intentions and desires for their lives and businesses. Kate’s coaching practice is informed by her pioneering work in Integrative Bodywork, Somatic Awareness and Stress Management. This orientation helps her to support her clients in using their talents, strengths and passions to create lives of personal meaning and satisfaction.

In her practice Kate uses the Co-Active Coaching methodology. This methodology orients her to listen deeply and to hold each client as capable, creative and whole. Kate is committed to this paradigm for all of her clients and is especially eager to apply these skills in a campaign setting.

Kate came from a family of politically involved community activists and social justice workers, ward and local politics was a natural state of being for her, even as a child. Often taken by her mother to the polls where she worked or volunteered on or before election day, Kate quickly became used to the sense of something happening. Kate liked it then, and that hasn’t changed. Kate can still remember when her good friend’s dad did not move from Senate President to Mayor of our city; surprising first election loss, bad – but not as bad as some others to come. The worst Kate remembers about that was missing a promised “fancy” kid’s party. Kate was also attended the nominating convention when John Kerry was first nominated; that was exciting and inspiring.

Kate is a veteran of many door to door issue campaigns; from gun control after JFK; through Equal Marriage in MA and Maine and most recently, union support, principally for Wisconsin recall phone banks); much precinct walking/field work/canvassing/GOTV; LOTS of phone banking; 90% from an office, some, more recently, from home; both individual and setting up and managing 15 person phone banks in my home. Kate has also done much long distance phoning for Taryl Clark, Al Franken and many other national candidates.

Kate and her husband travel, mainly to NH and Maine when needed, (frequently) particularly during last few weeks and days before national elections, and have been very effective in out of town, rural communities; places like Maine’s 2nd Congressional District, for Clinton, Kerry and Gore presidential campaigns. Most recent campaigns: William Keating, MA House District 10, and Martha Coakley v. Scott Brown.

Kate is very comfortable in (and quite familiar with) the exciting and frequently chaotic atmosphere of campaign offices; Kate has a good sense of how things do – and don’t get done in an atmosphere of high stimulation and acute feelings – the joy of the upside news and numbers and the challenge of keeping going when the info and reports from the field seem disheartening or worse.

Other professional engagements include: coach/mentor to the Director of the New Orleans Healing Center; creator of The Katrina Coaching Project; facilitator for America Speaks participatory democracy forums; Fair Housing activist, Quaker Church project for Central American war refugees and Haitian immigrant community; and facilitator of the Wisdom-Circle for Emergency Housing Relief for Haiti. In the non political realm, she is a lifelong learner, avid traveler, long time Buddhist practitioner and is working on her fifth children’s book.