Performing as You: What’s in a Name?

Announcing the new book from Diana Theodores, Mobius consultant and coach specializing in Presence, Communication, Impact and Influence: Performing as You: How to have Authentic Impact in Every Role you Play. Click here to read What’s in a Name as a preview to the book.

More about the book …

All the world’s a stage, and the greatest role you’ll ever get to play is you. As the ‘Coach in Your Pocket’, Diana Theodores shows you how to bring your fuller, authentic self forward to get great results for women at all levels of the career ladder. Whether you need to rouse your team, pitch to the board, influence stakeholders, give feedback, speak to one person or 1000 – you’ll discover that you have everything you need to shine in every role you play. A great read for men too, this uplifting, inspirational book will give you:  1) Dynamic tools for fuller presence in all your different environments 2) Pointers to break limiting habits and beliefs 3) Inspiration to reclaim your creative powers and upgrade your impact.

‘It is one thing to be able to engage in person and quite another on paper…This is an amazing book! The way Diana weaves together her advice with personal memories, clients, stories and inspiring quotes from role models, plays and poetry makes this such an easy and exciting read. This is business story telling at its best!’ Susan Vinnicombe CBE, Professor of Women and Leadership, Cranfield University

‘Diana’s gifts helped me take my speaking and leadership to a fuller level of expression. I never thought she could capture her magic in a book…and she did it! This book is so timely as courageous authenticity is needed more than ever.’ Johanne Lavoie, McKinsey & Company Partner, co-author of Centered Leadership: Leading with Purpose, Clarity, and Impact  

‘This book is the toolkit to direct your own career, an inspirational read!’ Autumn Le Fevre, Head of Regulatory Compliance, HSBC Luxembourg

‘This book radically changed the way I think about work and the impact I can have.’ Sarah Fennell, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, EMEA, Moody’s Corporation

‘Engaging and emotive book about being authentically yourself highly recommended!’ Josefin Holmberg, Partner, True Search