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Track One

Zander Grashow

Adaptive Leadership and Alignment to Change

Track One: Adaptive Leadership and Alignment to Change

Co-author of the seminal book The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Zander delves into the art and practice of individual and collective evolution based on thirty years of research at Harvard University. This track provides an evolutionary change framework to determine the parts of the work to carry forward, how to advance among competing priorities and what new capacities are required. We will also explore the intersection of mobilizing external change and mobilizing ourselves. A globally recognized authority on leadership, Zander has been a trusted advisor and partner to Presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transformation.


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Track Two

Arawana Hayashi and Dr. Matthias Müller-Lindenberg

Social Presencing Theater (SPT)

Track Two: Social Presencing Theater (SPT)

SPT is an art form and a facilitation methodology connected to Otto Scharmer’s seminal work on Presencing and Theory U. For facilitators who have wanted to better understand how to work with emergence this track offers a rich chance to study with SPT pioneers. In this track you will use body postures and movements to dissolve limiting concepts, access intuition, make clear current reality, and the deeper, often invisible, leverage points to create profound change. SPT facilitates fast and highly effective organizational change and innovation. Arawana, working with Otto Scharmer and Peter Senge, leads the development of SPT. Matthias is a senior leadership advisor and member of the Mobius Personal Mastery Faculty who uses SPT regularly in his work with business clients.


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Track Three

Jenny Sauer-Klein

Scaling Intimacy

Track Three: Scaling Intimacy

Founder and director of The Culture Conference, helping leaders build culture from the inside out, Jenny creates transformational human-to-human experiences that prioritize connection over content. This track is an in-depth training in her methodology for leading-edge experience designers and facilitators, including team building games designed to help facilitators engage groups with confidence. Jenny’s work has been featured in the New York Times, Inc., Fast Company, Forbes, and Tim Ferriss’s book Tools of Titans


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Track Four

Ester Martinez

Organizational & Personal Healing with Constellation Principles

Track Four: Organizational & Personal Healing with Constellation Principles

Ester brings twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, constellations expert and student of Thomas Huebl. This track explores the systematic principles operating within all human systems, whether family, teams or organizations. We will explore the invisible realms — the cords that guide so many of the visible symptoms we encounter. This session will lift the veil and invite your own deep healing process.


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Track Five

Jennifer Cohen and Gina LaRoche

Healing Collective Trauma; Embodying Anti Racism

Track Five: Healing Collective Trauma; Embodying Anti Racism

“That which is not fully metabolized, processed, understood and healed will repeat itself.”
Racism—both its origins and its manifestations, live in our collective and individual systems as trauma. We will explore in an embodied manner the impact of that trauma on our capacity to fully inhabit ourselves, to speak powerfully and clearly across difference, and to build more diverse, inclusive and equitable organizations and societies. Through practice, small group work, and guided exploration we will metabolize together, build shared practice, and look at ways through the trauma to a new future.


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Track Six

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Working with Different Parts of the Self

Track Six: Working with Different Parts of the Self

Renowned family therapist and trauma expert, Dick Schwartz, is regarded as a pioneer for developing the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. In this track you will apply the IFS model to yourself to identify and integrate your sub-personalities or parts of yourself and learn to access your larger, wiser “Self.” You will also learn to guide your clients as part of your coaching practice. For a taster, watch Dick’s keynote address on our website, under Next Practice Institute Resources.


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Track Seven

Hedy Schleifer

Encounter-centered Relational Transformation

Track Seven: Encounter-centered Relational Transformation

Hedy is a master relationship builder who will share her pioneering approach, Encounter-centered Transformation, a discipline and set of tools for thriving in authentic connection; something our world needs now more than ever. In the living laboratory Hedy creates, you will get hands-on experience with relationship enhancing skills, and the opportunity to deep dive into the intricacies of becoming a relational leader. You will also develop your relational intelligence on the path to relational maturity.


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Track Eight

Anne Gottlieb

Sourcing the Poetic Flame: 10,000 Ways Into Your Creative Process

Track Eight: Sourcing the Poetic Flame: 10,000 Ways Into Your Creative Process

How do we channel our creative flame into our work, leading us to joyful discovery? Working with a meaningful question or archetype of your choosing, participants will learn to locate many of the ways to unlock the expressive soul. Including literature, music, movement, and visual art, this is a highly experiential and powerful context to support transformation and depth of inquiry. It is designed for those who are ready to move their body, use their voice, and ideally who have done a somatic workshop. Anne is the Director of Presence & Presentation Practice at Mobius. She is an actor, writer, and collaborative artist who has developed a bold approach to transformational leadership, translating 2+ decades of imaginative inquiry, expressive psychology, and professional theater into programs for global leaders.


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