Program Tracks

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Track One

Jennifer Cohen

Advanced Coaching and Somatics Training

Track One: Advanced Coaching and Somatics Training

Certified a Master Coach by the Strozzi Institute, Jennifer will dive into the latest from neuroscience and somatics to help you gain a grounded understanding of what makes working with and through the body so powerful in effecting long-lasting and sustainable change. This track will offer a heightened sense of leadership presence, embodiment and inspiration for your own leadership journey, as well as extend and deepen your coaching skills. (Some experience as a coach or trusted advisor required.)


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Track Two

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Working with different parts of the self

Track Two: Working with different parts of the self

Renowned family therapist and trauma expert, Dick Schwartz, is regarded as a pioneer for developing the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. In this track you will apply the IFS model to yourself to identify and integrate your sub-personalities or parts of yourself and learn to access your larger, wiser “Self.” You will also learn to guide your clients as part of your coaching practice. For a taster, watch Dick’s keynote address on our website, under Next Practice Institute Resources.


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Track Three

Dr. Paul Dunion

Feeding the Hunger of the Masculine Soul (men-only track)

Track Three: Feeding the Hunger of the Masculine Soul (men-only track)

Paul has been in private practice as a psychological healer since 1982, when he also began facilitating Men’s groups. His work includes individual therapy, working with trauma, men’s and women’s soul work, and how to embrace life as a mysterious and unpredictable journey. He is a graduate of the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute and the author of five books. This is an extraordinary opportunity for a men-only track helping to explore personal empowerment, including how to relate to loss, offer stewardship and live with greater sweetness.


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Track Four

Alexander Caillet and Amy Yeager

Team Coaching

Track Four: Team Coaching

Team coaching is the dynamic, complex and enlivening practice of working with a team in real time, on real work, to achieve real, measurable results. Alexander Caillet’s pioneering approach — established more than 25 years ago and since refined in collaboration with Amy Yeager, has been used with hundreds of teams internationally and taught to thousands of practitioners. Participants who take this track will get hands-on experience with this powerful discipline, utilizing time-tested frameworks, tools, and methods for assessing and improving team performance.


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Track Five

Zander Grashow

Adaptive Leadership and Alignment to Change

Track Five: Adaptive Leadership and Alignment to Change

Co-author of the seminal book The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, Zander delves into the art and practice of individual and collective evolution which emerged from thirty years of research at Harvard University. This session will explore the intersection of mobilizing external change and mobilizing ourselves to meet the challenges ahead. Zander has been a trusted partner to Presidents, activists and change agents in their most critical moments of transition.


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Track Six

Martin Boroson & Carmel Moore

One Moment® Time Mastery for Leaders

Track Six: One Moment® Time Mastery for Leaders

Great leaders lead on time. They don’t confuse being ‘busy’ with being important. They create the time to truly lead, and they model healthy time practices for their organization. This track takes a disruptive approach to time, moving you beyond time management into time mastery. With a a deep dive into the paradox of time, practical exercises to help you make new choices, this track is a wake-up call to the present moment and its potential. Led by Martin Boroson, creator of One Moment Meditation, and Carmel Moore, a former partner with EY.


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Track Seven

Paul Zonneveld & Mieke Jacobs

Systemic Intelligence and Organizational Constellations

Track Seven: Systemic Intelligence and Organizational Constellations

Paul has over fifteen years of experience working with “constellations” and organizational systems, a field of study and practice for which he is a program director at several European institutions. Mieke has added indepth systemic and constellation work to her more than twenty years of industry and consulting experience. In this track you will learn how to intervene deeply in organizational systems and how seemingly small interventions lead to breakthroughs in complex organizational challenges.


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Track Eight

Jennifer Garvey Berger & Zafer Achi

Complexity: Outside-in and Inside-Out

Track Eight: Complexity: Outside-in and Inside-Out

Jennifer is a global expert in the fields of adult development and complexity. She has authored three books, her most recent, Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How to Thrive in Complexity, published this year. McKinsey & Company Director Emeritus, Zafer has 40 years’ experience with organizational and personal transformations. In this track, you will grow your own complexity fitness by learning new tools and approaches to handle the challenges of our changing world.


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Track Nine

Shahmeen Sadiq

Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Track Nine: Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Considered the most advanced leadership assessment, the LCP is the only 360-degree measurement providing competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions causing a leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations. The track certifies coaches to interpret results and qualifies you to administer the LCP. You will receive your own profile and learn the statistical and theoretical underpinning to prepare for the deeper conversations your clients need to affect lasting change.


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One-on-one Sessions

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