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September 2019

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Dear Friends:

Welcome back from the summer and to the first of our Fall Mobius newsletters.

Asking deeper questions, showing compassion, displaying humility – these are key themes this month from some of the most influential voices in the field of transformational leadership and organizational change. In this month’s top three recommendations of what to read, watch and listen to, we feature new and important work from MIT Professor Emeritus Edgar Schein; Mobius Friend and thought leader Rasmus Hougaard; and Mobius Senior Expert and the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School, Amy C. Edmondson.

We are deeply honored to announce that Professor Edgar Schein, renowned as one of the fathers of Organizational Psychology and internationally revered for his pioneering advancements to our field, joins us this year at the Next Practice Institute along with his son and collaborator, Peter Schein. Professor Schein's contributions include the development of process consultation, understanding career dynamics, and his model of organizational culture upon which much of the modern profession is based.

In the run up to having the Scheins join us in December, we will be featuring their evolving body of work on humble leadership and consulting in our monthly newsletters and the forthcoming Mobius Strip.

There are a limited number of spaces left to join us at this year’s Next Practice Institute program. We strongly encourage you to register soon if you plan to join our global community of practice this December. Please visit our website for the complete program of the week’s deep learning tracks, keynote talks and special workshops and evening activities.  If you cannot be with us in person, please plan to join us for our keynote presentations that week offered via live stream on our Facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the Next Practice Institute in December.

Warmest best,

Chief Executive Officer,  Mobius Executive Leadership 


Deeper curiosity, care and commitment

The hallmarks of coaching and consulting in complex times

As noted above, we are honored to announce that Professor Schein joins us at this year’s Next Practice Institute in December, along with his son and collaborator, Peter Schein. This short video introduces Professor Schein’s main thoughts behind “humble consulting” – how we need to move away from the old  model of “diagnose and then tell” (consultants giving our formal recommendations) to a much more open, curious, personal, “level 2 relationship” with our clients. We need to let go of solving the organizational problem (which by their nature are inherently complex and ongoing these days) to instead focus on identifying the next adaptive move in our ongoing commitment to serve others. At the December Annual Gathering Professor Schein and his son Peter will focus on the evolving aspects of their perspectives on the process of leadership, consulting, and coaching, as the world becomes more complex and interdependent. We are also delighted to announce we are featuring the Schein’s scholarship in the forthcoming Fall edition of the Mobius Strip. Watch the short video on the nature of humble consulting.

The most cohesive teams make more mistakes

If you want to have stretch goals, you better have open ears”

In this 20 minute HBR-hosted podcast, Mobius Senior Expert and the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, Amy C. Edmondson summarizes her insights and findings about how we stop playing it so safe on the job, the nature of what she calls the fearless organization, and what we have to do to create safe environments for continuous learning at work. Professor Edmondson highlights three temporal steps or activities managers and leaders have to keep on doing to break the cycle of fearful places of work where we hold ourselves back and fail to prevent both incremental and disastrous organizational errors. These are the key adaptive moves to create strong teaming practices where psychological safety invites trust, candor and innovation. To learn more about Professor Edmondson’s other core research area – the power of teaming, read an excerpt from her book Building the Future: Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation in the archives of the Mobius Strip. To listen to the HBR podcast, click here.


Power can corrupt leaders. And compassion can save them.

Taking on greater responsibilities and pressure can rewire our brains, inhibiting how much we care about others

Mindfulness. Selfless. Compassion.  Together these three foundational skills form the basis of the leadership organizations need today. We are excited to announce that we are featuring Mobius Friend Rasmus Hougaard and his co-author Jacqueline Carter’s important new book The Mind of The Leader in the forthcoming Mobius Strip and to let you know that Rasmus will be joining the faculty of the 2020 Next Practice Institute. In anticipation, this month we recommend Rasmus and Jacqueline’s Harvard Business Review  article on how “power impairs our mirror-neurological activity” — the brains ability to understand and associate with others. The article includes three practical exercises to strengthen a leader’s compassion.

Special Announcement: 

The Healing Organization

Mobius Executive Leadership is thrilled to announce the arrival of an important new book from Mobius Senior Expert and creativity expert Michael Gelb and Mobius friend and co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement, Professor Raj Sisodia. We highly recommend you pick up your copy of The Healing Organization: Awakening the Conscience of Business to Help Save the World.

Sign the petition to add your name to all those ready to take the “healing organization oath” whereby we commit to help the business community take the lead in healing the crises of our times.

Follow the link to sign the petition and for more about the book, including Michael Gelb’s blog on Regenerative Capitalism.


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