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September 2017

Dear Friends,

We hope your Summer was restorative and renewing. 

Welcome to the September newsletter curating important and emerging resources in the leadership field worth reading, watching or listening to. We remain committed to continuing and advancing the discourse in transformational leadership among our clients, alliance partners, and practitioners globally.

To that end, you can find the latest edition of our magazine for transformational professionals, the Mobius Strip, which serves as a companion to the June 2017 Gathering of the Next Practice Institute we just hosted.

We look forward to shortly sharing with you the line-up of next year's gathering which will take place in October 2018.

Warmest best, 

Chief Executive Officer,  Mobius Executive Leadership 


Working with archetypes and energy models

“There's a level of agitation and turbulence in organizations, and people feel that even if they wouldn't know how to name it.”

This podcast focuses on working with archetypes and energy models to equip leaders to respond to today's most complex challenges. This 40-minute dialogue between Mobius President Erica Ariel Fox and Tony Schwartz, CEO of the Energy Project and Mobius Senior Expert, makes for a great introduction to the key ideas both have developed over the course of their careers.  

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Look for surprises, not confirmation

“To break the cycle, you have to resist some of your old patterns and ask new questions that will help you take a complexity friendly mindset.”

Drowning in data? Jennifer Garvey Berger offers us three questions to guide our path. Jennifer is a Mobius Senior Expert and globally renowned expert in complexity and adult development. Google's re: Work initiative curates research and practices to make work better.

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Lessons In Disruption

“Whatever the business, there are disrupters and the disrupted.”

Building on the work of Harvard Business School Professor, Clayton Christensen, this fascinating report from The Economist and EY digs out a series of findings worth sharing, including:

  • Older consumers are more disruptive than millennials and even technology itself.
  • The single most important action to foster an innovative culture? Articulate a clear organizational purpose.
  • Plus what we can learn from the Fintech, Health and Energy sectors.

Where to find more...

We are delighted to have featured an excerpt from Clayton Christensen's The Innovator's Solution in the Fall 2013 Mobius Strip. We also recommend this 2-minute video from HBR on the innovator's dilemma in a nutshell.

As ever, we welcome your suggestions. Please email our editor, Nathalie Hourihan with topics or materials.


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