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October 2017

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Welcome to the October newsletter curating important and emerging resources in the leadership field worth reading, watching or listening to. Stay tuned for the series of keynote videos from the 2017 Next Practice Institute we’re releasing over the coming weeks. The 2018 Gathering will take place 21-26 October. 

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Erica's HBR article gets 75,000 hits

Manage Your Stress by Monitoring Your Body’s Reaction to It

We’re very proud to learn that Erica’s latest blog in HBR has gone viral. “There is a straight line from the inner life of a leader to the actions they take, the relationships they build, and the impact they create. You can’t understand what’s going wrong around you if you don’t understand what’s going on inside you. What can you do to steer clear of this common leadership pitfall?” Click here to read and share.

Who hasn't heard of the inner critic? 

Seemingly illogical behavior explained …

If you haven’t heard of Internal Family Systems (IFS), then you’ve certainly come across phrases the model has made mainstream. Developed over twenty years ago by family therapist Dr. Dick Schwartz, IFS gave us a radical new way to understand “the self,” shedding light on the way different parts of our selves serve different functions. Seemingly illogical behavior can be explained once we understand the role of the inner critic or our “firefighters” and “exiles.” This 7-minute clip (taken from Dick’s keynote address at the Annual Gathering of the Next Practice Institute earlier this year), offers you a taster on why it’s time to take IFS out of the therapy office and into corporate culture. We are thrilled to announce Dick will return to the Annual Gathering in October 2018 to lead a learning track.   

It's time to think differently about who you know

Do you know your B,C,D’s to creating a more strategic network?

In this 15-minute talk Herminia Ibarra, Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD, offers compelling insight into why we need to expand our personal and professional networks. Ibarra argues most of us default to “networks of convenience” rather than developing those that will help us to 1) get things done 2) inspire divergent thinking and innovative ideas and 3) create more impact in the world. In this brilliant overview she explains the three different types of networks, the benefits of “weak ties” and how to approach the dreaded networking event with a different mindset.


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