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November 2018

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Welcome to the November newsletter, our curated listing of emerging thought leadership in the field of transformational leadership and organizational change. This month we feature the work of the pioneering therapist and Mobius Senior Expert, Terry Real; psychiatrist and author Ed Hallowell; and a new article from Mobius Senior Expert, founder and CEO of the Leadership Circle Profile, Bob Anderson. The themes explored this month include how to upend the highly restrictive nature of anxiety to regain a creative mindset; and a framework for understanding and working with difficult leaders.

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When the going gets tough, which tendency do you display?

Description is prescription

In this 15-minute video bestselling author, family therapist and Mobius Senior Expert Terry Real offers a tutorial to the map he devised to help us explore our relationships. Terry’s four quadrant relational grid offers, among other insights, a new way of looking at the narcissistic or grandiose leader. Terry likes to say “description is prescription” – finding new ways of understanding ourselves and others points the way to healthier interactions and greater balance in how we treat others. While Terry has devoted much of his practice to working with couples in crisis, his work brims with exciting and original concepts ready for practical application within the corporate arena and beyond – the relational grid is a brilliant addition to the practitioner toolkit.

What are the 5 levels of leadership?

How you show up moment to moment is your leadership impact. When you lead, who shows up—which self do you deploy?

“We define self-leadership (also known as personal mastery) as creating outcomes that matter most to us. Leadership is something more: it enhances this capability within others. With focus and practice, course-corrected by honest feedback from those around us, great leadership is within our reach." In this recent blog Mobius Senior Expert Bob Anderson – the pioneering thinker and author behind the most advanced leadership assessment tool available, the Leadership Circle Profile, offers an elegant summation of what leadership is, what personal mastery is, and he explains the five levels of leadership which emerged from over 1 million 360-degree Leadership Circle Profile assessments. 

Anxious? Overwhelmed? Far too focused on problems to see the emerging solution?

Fear focuses the mind. Too narrowly and too intensely to solve many of the issues leaders face.

Leaders are especially prone to living their lives in overdrive and finding themselves stuck in what Bob’s article describes as reactive leadership. The antidote – while it may include meditation, exercise, sleeping well and enjoying the sheer creative force of play, ultimately rests in what we might call flexible focus. In this excerpt from his book Driven to Distraction, psychiatrist Ed Hallowell, one of the world’s leading experts in ADHD offers an answer. Hallowell argues that today’s workplace is designed to trigger at least some aspects of attention deficit in us all. He makes the case for flexible focus, with 10 tactics for shifting into it when you or your clients need it most. Click here to go straight to the article online. If you would like a PDF copy, then visit the Mobius Executive Leadership website, go to Thought Leadership, Mobius Strip magazine, and download the 2016 edition.


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