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November 2017

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Dear Friends,

The November newsletter is here just in time. We hope you have the opportunity to review and share our top three picks of podcasts, videos and blogs that explore important topics in the field of transformational leadership. 

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Chief Executive Officer,  Mobius Executive Leadership 


 How fit are we for the complexity we face?

“Leadership is a lot harder than it is to talk about …”

We are delighted to announce that starting in January we will release a series of keynote talks recorded during our Annual Gathering. This 4-minute video of Bob Anderson, creator of the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), highlights the ideas he delves into during this lecture. The LCP is the only 360-degree assessment that examines both competencies and the underlying assumptions driving an individual leader’s pattern of strengths and limitations – giving us a snapshot of our creative and our reactive habits. We will be offering LCP Certification at the 2018 Annual Gathering. 

Are you sure you know what agile means? 

And what does it have to do with adaptive leadership?

Agile innovation. Transforming organization agility. What precisely do these terms mean? Get up to speed in less than a half hour with this HBR podcast where Jeff Sutherland from Scrum, the company behind the agile revolution, and co-author Darrell Rigby, give us a tour of all things agile. With origins in software development, agile principles – from prototyping to customer collaboration – now apply to every business practice demanding innovation.

How to create new possibilities and patterns

When it really counts, we often fail to do what we intend

Kevin Kruse talks to Erica Ariel Fox in his weekly podcast. In it Erica discusses how the archetypes differ profoundly from personality typing systems and why parts of ourselves if ignored, undermine us. Whether you’re introducing the Winning from Within methodology to a client or want a reminder of how to adopt a more powerful stance toward yourself, others or thorny issues, this 15-minute podcast offers a quick and practical exercise to tap into the Big Four leadership archetypes: Dreamer; Thinker; Lover; and Warrior.



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