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Midsummer 2019

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Dear Friends:

Welcome to the midsummer edition of our monthly newsletter where we offer our top recommendations for what to read, watch and listen to in the field of transformational leadership and organizational change. Specially selected for your summertime review, we highly recommend the one-hour recording of Time Mastery for Leaders from Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore – both of whom will lead an immersive track on this vital body of practice at this year’s Next Practice Institute. 

In addition, we celebrate the new book Performing as You from Mobius transformational faculty member specializing in Presentation and Presence work, Diana Theodores, and offer a piece from Mobius consultant Yotam Schachter illuminating how we might coach others and work with ourselves in our essential vulnerability. 

Finally, as in previous months, we are delighted to share with the broader community the latest release from our Next Practice Institute Keynote series – this month, the trends affecting the Future of Work from George Brooks, Americas People Advisory Services Leader at EY.

I also wanted to alert you that spaces are fast filling for the coming December's Next Practice Institute. We welcome you to consider joining this global community of practice for a week of advanced professional development for practitioners working in the field of leadership development, organizational change and social entrepreneurship. Do sign up soon to get your first choice in one of the nine learning tracks available during this year’s rich program.

Wishing you a deeply restorative Summer,

Chief Executive Officer,  Mobius Executive Leadership 


Three different types of time

Move beyond time management into time mastery

This is one of the most refreshing and instructional webinars we’ve reviewed this year. We are delighted to share a recording of this webinar for a limited time only (from now until the end of August). Click on the link to complete the quick registration for access. This talk is a brilliant summertime investment of an hour to reflect more deeply on time, the most fundamental resource available to us. The discussion asks you to consider how to craft more intelligent forms of time to become more clear-sighted and intentional in how you allow your days to unfold. Mobius Transformational Faculty member, author, and Founder of the One Moment Company Martin Boroson, along with One Moment Company Director and former EY Director of Transformation, Carmel Moore, share several core principles of time mastery. Marty and Carmel introduce the three different types of time all leaders need. For those interested to go much deeper into the work, we are delighted that Marty and Carmel join the faculty for this year’s Next Practice Institute to offer the immersive learning track Time Mastery for Leaders – a deep dive for your continued professional development and to enrich your coaching toolkit.

Eight ways to interact with your vulnerability

Vulnerability is not a strength, it’s a fact. Being vulnerable isn’t a choice, it’s an inevitability.

Much has said about how demonstrating vulnerability has become a seemingly counter-intuitive leadership strength. In the April newsletter we recommended a piece from leading psychological healer and NPI Faculty member Paul Dunion that asked us to explore when we are too vulnerable or not vulnerable enough. This month we offer a wonderful new resource to deepen our understanding of the different ways in which we interact with our essential vulnerability. A brilliant guide for coaches and others supporting clients, Mobius transformational faculty member Yotam Schachter offers us a “lexicon of vulnerability” to help disentangle what behaviors do and do not empower us and how to deepen our relationships with ourselves and others.  

What's in a name?

It’s the first utterance of identity, as powerful as the first words spoken in a play or movie.

Like vulnerability, another leadership quality that has come to the fore is authenticity. We may “know it when we see it,” but how do we coach and train leaders to be more authentic? We are thrilled to announce Mobius consultant and expressive arts faculty member Diana Theodores’ brand new book offering an entire compendium of principles and tools to accomplish just that. Performing as You: How to Have Authentic Impact in Every Role You Play is based on Diana’s career as a theatre director and her many years since as an international performance coach specializing in Presence, Communication, and Impact & Influence. Here she has encapsulated a rich body of work and core set of principles to help clients to show up more powerfully and effectively in leading their teams, pitching their ideas, and in high-stakes presentations and speeches. As an introduction to the book, we recommend Diana’s article “What’s in a Name” which offers a fresh perspective and a practical exercise for group facilitation.

Special Release: Keynote series 

The Future of Work

Throughout 2019 we are releasing keynote talks representing emerging voices, distinguished thought leaders and pioneering experts in the field of transformational leadership who inspire and advance our learning. We recorded these talks at last year’s Next Practice Institute. In July we released The Future of Work from George Brooks, the Americas Leader for EY’s People Advisory Services. George joined us at the 2018 Next Practice Institute to share some of the most fascinating trends shaping the future of work and the workplace today. This talk covers the skills we need now, different types of workers, the rise of new operating models, and our changing relationship with technology. His recommendations include prioritizing CEO mind clarity, shifting the system from “me to we” and reorienting HR from the individual to the team. Most of today’s organizations are “built for vertical” and yet work today is increasingly horizonal and relies heavily on the team – what does this mean for how we communicate, make decisions and form those teams in the first place? We are witnessing increasing levels of “empathetic atrophy” – studies show that part of our brain is shrinking. At the very same time the rise of AI is making “soft skills” more important than ever before – offering a rallying cry to action for all of us working to create more inspired, effective and healthier workplaces. With stories and examples touching on a diverse set of industries, George’s talk is refreshingly concrete and specific as he offers a vast collection of new developments and possible ways forward for the types of changes we most need to make in the culture and leadership of the workplace. For more information abut this year’s Next Practice Institute, visit our website.


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