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February 2019

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the February “top three” new thought pieces in the field of transformational leadership and organizational change. This month we feature: 1) a short but stunning article from Mobius Transformational Faculty member Dr. Paul Dunion on why and how to stay present; 2) a video tutorial from Mobius Senior Expert Bob Anderson and his co-author Bill Adams sharing the deep research on leadership development from their brand new book; 3) a podcast from Mobius Chief Thought Leader Erica Ariel Fox in conversation with Ozan Varol, host of one of the top 25 business podcasts on iTunes. In this episode Erica offers an engaging introduction to the Winning from Within® methodology. This self mastery and leadership development podcast is useful for clients and practitioners alike.

As ever, we encourage you to read, watch, listen and share these wonderful pieces. If you have a new book, article, video or podcast you’d like us to feature please do reach out to Nathalie Hourihan.  


Finally, for everyone planning on being with us this year at the Next Practice Institute, December 8-13, we will send an announcement when the registration website goes live shortly.

Until then, thank you for all you continue to contribute to our global community of practice.

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Being life's apprentice

We learn about being present by being able to recognize when we’re not present. The process is no different than the development that takes place in all polarities. We come to know freedom because of our experience of bondage, fulfillment because of knowing emptiness, being welcomed because we know what it means to be forgotten or compassion because of issuing or receiving disdain.

We can’t recommend this article on being present highly enough. For such a short piece, it is a rich and layered exploration into not just being present, but having greater attunement to the world and allowing life’s polarities to be our greatest teacher. Much has been said about the power of being in the here-and-now. We are delighted mindfulness has gone from niche to mainstream, but there’s still much to understand about truly being present. In this beautifully set out piece by Dr. Paul Dunion, he explores important and practical truths about why we AVOID being present in the first place: “It would be excessively naïve to imagine that being present is simply an emotionally satisfying and fulfilling experience. In fact, being present holds more potential for harm than being in the past or the future.” About approaching the two places in which our minds prefer to live (the past and the future) more consciously. And about how exactly we might become more present – the difference between instinctive vs mindful bodily awareness; the benefits of slowing our pace; and what paying attention really means. The benefits of being present include receiving clearer information about what’s happening right now,  greater discernment in our decisions, being more available to love and being more ready to respond effectively to threats we face. We are delighted to announce that Dr. Paul Dunion joins the 2019 Next Practice Institute faculty to lead a very special men-only track at the Annual Gathering in December: Feeding the Hunger of the Masculine Soul.

When passion and drive become a liability

Relying on your technical brilliance is what the least effective leaders do

Bob Anderson and his colleague Bill Adams present their latest deep dive into leadership scholarship with their new book, Scaling Leadership: Building Organizational Capability and Capacity to Create Outcomes that Matter Most. The work follows up on their ground-breaking introduction to a universal model of leadership (what it entails; creative versus reactive tendencies; the business case for it; and the disciplines necessary for leaders to continue on their developmental pathway) as set out in their earlier work, Mastering Leadership (2015). In their new work the authors return to take a closer look at the 1.5 million Leadership Circle Profiles (LCPs) completed for leaders from thousands of organizations across the world. In particular, they examine how respondents describe excellence and failings within the C-suite and the senior-most executives in their business. Within this huge data-set of 360 assessments, what do the written comments reveal? What capabilities show up as the key strengths of the most effective and highly evolved leaders? What are the strengths that ineffective leaders rely upon? What creative competencies, in today’s complex environment, have become table stakes? And finally, what do you need to do as a leader to course-correct your own leadership journey and to scale leadership across the business. Highly effective leaders cannot do good in a vacuum – their work is to nurture, cultivate and help build the collective leadership capacity of their organizations to create outcomes that really matter – which is how the authors define the essence of leadership. Bob is a Mobius Senior Expert, the founder and CEO of The Leadership Circle, and the creator of The Leadership Circle Profile, considered one of the most advanced leadership assessments available today. We’re delighted to announce that at this year’s Next Practice Institute participants will once again be able to get LCP certified.

Bringing the Winning from Within® approach to life

Why you must stand in the truth of your failure to learn and grow

This is a great podcast for clients and leadership practitioners, whether new or already exposed to the key principles of Mobius Chief Thought Leader Erica Ariel Fox’s Winning from Within® approach. At 40 minutes, this is an engaging conversation between Erica and her host Ozan Varol covering: 

Why the most important negotiations are the ones in your own mind; How you can go about challenging conventional wisdom in traditional places; How the stories we tell ourselves get in the way of our full potential; What failure taught her about discovering her life’s work; and Why you must stand in the truth of your failure to learn and grow. Ozan and Erica also explore the Big Four leadership archetypes including how to manage our inner critic and judge. Ozan is an author and a law professor who hosts the Famous Failures podcast where “titans speak openly about their failures and what they learned from them.” Famous Failures has been ranked on the top 25 of all Business Podcasts on iTunes. 


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