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December 2018

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2018 where we are showcasing twelve books published this year or coming soon.

Integral to the work we do at Mobius Executive Leadership are the rich fields of scholarship underpinning our contributions to the world. In this we are deeply honored to count the following expert authors among our network of Mobius friends and practitioners and to feature their contributions in our publications throughout the year and draw on their seminal ideas to inform our work with clients.

Please allow me to extend, on behalf of the entire Mobius community, our wishes to you and your family for every joy during the holiday season and the opportunity for reflection, rest and renewal over this end of year period.   We look greatly forward to connecting in the New Year.

Warmest best 

Chief Executive Officer,  Mobius Executive Leadership 

  A year in review
2018 BOOKS


Coming Soon...



This outstanding collection represents some of the diversity of scholarship and practice at the heart of our work —from systems thinking to creating the space and psychological safety necessary for transformational change. For each of these important works, we offer an article or book excerpt (many of which are available to download in PDF form should you wish; see the bottom of this newsletter for how to access the PDF.)

Psychological safety and the power of teaming

Published just a few weeks ago, we look forward to sharing an excerpt from Mobius Senior Expert and the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at the Harvard Business School, Amy C. Edmondson’s latest work. For an introduction to the key ideas within The Fearless Organization, Professor Edmondson wrote this piece for strategy + business. For more on the moves a leader can make to create psychological safety, we refer you to the November newsletter for Edmondson’s wonderful TED talk. Finally, for more on her other core research area – the power of teaming, we refer you to the Mobius Strip 2017 for an excerpt from her book Building the Future: Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation*

Must-have toolkit for personal growth

It is our deep pleasure to announce that psychologist and Mobius Coach Nadjeschda Taranczewski released her book Conscious You: Become The Hero of Your Own Story in September this year. Nadja has managed to craft an extraordinary guide to so many of the models and practices that deeply influence our work – from voice dialogue to archetypes, polarity work, transformational maps, and brain science. The result is a phenomenal and easily accessible introduction to personal growth, enriched by Nadja’s gifts as an artist, downloadable charts, and a wealth of additional online resources. For an introduction to the transformational map and understanding the “dance between the individual and the collective” see the Mobius Strip 2016* for Nadja’s earlier work on this topic. However, we strongly encourage everyone to pick up her latest book – a treasure trove and a wonderful gift for clients embarking on their own journeys. 

Tackling the myths of scarcity to see we are and have enough.

There is no better time of year to revisit and share this essential message from our dear friends and colleagues Mobius Executive Coach Gina LaRoche and Mobius Transformational Faculty Jennifer Cohen. Together they expose the myths of scarcity that drive so many of our fears and poor choices – whether it be with our time or money or in our relationships, to show us how abundance operates in our lives and all that we must do to let that flourish (to enrich the quality of our lives and before we destroy the planet). Visit our Fall Supplement for an excerpt from the book, The 7 Laws of Enough* and stay tuned in the new year when we publish Gina’s keynote address from this year’s Next Practice Institute.  

Organizational design re-imagined for complex times

It is our bias to focus on the individual and collective leadership capabilities of an organization, but what do we need to do to rewire the basic design of the systems we have inherited from a patriarchical, hierarchical mode of functioning? This thought provoking and comprehensive guide from Mobius friends Giovanna D’Alessio and Stefano Petti offers a critique of the paradoxes thrown up by today’s business-as-usual and proposes an entirely new way of designing how the organization – a living, breathing system, can operate more powerfully in complex times. Read an excerpt in the Mobius Strip.* 

Systems thinking and the emerging future, applied

The brilliance of Otto Scharmer’s work is often hard to translate on the written page. The Essentials of Theory U makes accessible and practical the key concepts underpinning his pioneering model of emergent possible futures and is a guide for working in complex, even chaotic, scenarios including how to tackle the deep need for socio-economic change. Otto is a Senior Lecturer at M.I.T and a Mobius Senior Expert. We feature his keynote address from the 2016 Next Practice Institute on our website here and include an excerpt from his book in the Mobius Strip.* This is a profound and timely work. 

Complexity practices for clarity, resilience and results

It is with great sorrow we said goodbye to Doug Silsbee this year. Doug was the author and pioneer of Presence-based Leadership and Coaching and a Mobius Senior Expert. He was a joyous heart, devoted teacher, brilliant coach and wise soul. He has left a tremendous legacy including this final book in his trilogy of Presence-based leadership. As one reviewer put it, “Doug brilliantly and courageously reveals precisely where to find the clarity and resilience in those critical moments. This is radical new work at a crucial juncture in history.” Marcia Reynolds; PhD, Former President, Global ICF. We are honored to include an excerpt from this work in the Mobius Strip.* 

What to do when our finer qualities lead us into troubled waters

It is our great pleasure to include an excerpt in the Mobius Strip* of this stunning work by Mobius friend, Roshi Joan Halifax. Here she explores “the assets of our minds and heart” which like every living system, can turn toxic and offers practical wisdom about what to do when this happens. As Father John Dear sums up: “I love this book. Standing at the Edge places Roshi alongside our greatest teachers and practitioners―Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton, and Dr. King. By exploring the big themes of altruism, empathy, integrity, respect, engagement, and compassion, Roshi helps us to take a stand in a bad time, and to know where we stand, and to stand there in the fullness of wisdom and compassion. Given our violent, inhuman world, this timely book will help us become more nonviolent and more human.” 

Inspired, effective, and profound meetings

Mobius Senior Expert, innovation guru and peace mediator Priya Parker examines how to create conferences, dinner parties and workplace meetings that fulfil our deepest needs and allow us to collectively realize our most enlightened goals. Priya's joyful yet scholarly work enables us to extract wisdom from other settings to cross-fertilize our own thinking about our work as practitioners. One of the most important aspects of our craft is being able to create psychologically safe, inclusive and elevated containers for discussion, learning, mediation, and reconciliation ... as well as gatherings for dialogue, collective intelligence, and co-creativity. This capacity is at the heart of our ability to generate transformational fields of growth and healing which is the very core of Mobius work. We are delighted to share this carefully curated selection of passages from The Art of Gathering in this year’s Mobius Strip. 


We are delighted to announce the arrival of three important bodies of work early in the New Year from Mobius Senior Experts Bob Anderson and Jennifer Garvey Berger, and Mobius friend, innovation expert, Simone Ahuja.

The High-Creative Leader and how to scale these capabilites across the organization

We look forward to Bob Anderson’s latest contribution to our field of transformational leadership. Bob is a true pioneer in this space as the creator of the Leadership Circle Profile, considered the most advanced leadership assessment on the market. He is also a Mobius Senior Expert. In every leader there is a tension between our opposing internal “operating systems” (those aspects of us which react to problems compared with what we can accomplish when we focus on creating positive outcomes). On the back of ground-breaking research Bob and his co-author make the case for the High-Creative leader and lay out the path to build creative strength in yourself, your clients and at scale, across leaders in your organization. Scaling Leadership will be published January 29, 2019. Until then, we refer you to Bob’s wonderful keynote address at the Next Practice Institute where he gives a tour of the Leadership Circle Profile, and to the Mobius Strip for an excerpt that describes the creative versus the reactive stance (from the authors’ earlier book Mastering Leadership.)

"Disrupt or be disrupted"

Innovation expert and Mobius friend Simone Ahuja argues that driving innovation from within an organization is the single most important factor for a company's success. In Disrupt-It-Yourself, she delivers a clear and practical playbook for harnessing and cultivating this essential practice of "intrapreneurship." Based on hundreds of interviews as well as on her consulting work in Fortune 500 companies, Ahuja describes the competencies of successful intrapreneurs, and how they must be supported – before they leave. Disrupt-It-Yourself offers seven ready-to-implement principles to build, support, and sustain effective intrapreneurship along with clear metrics that will make innovating from within sustainable. The book is published January 29. Until then we recommend Simone’s short piece in the Harvard Business Review on “intrapreneurial hacktivitsts.”

The five mind traps

We are delighted to announce author, consultant and Mobius Senior Expert in adult learning and complexity theory, Jennifer Garvey Berger has a new book out April 2019. It discerns five pernicious and pervasive "mind traps." These are: the desire for simple stories, our sense that we are right, our desire to get along with others in our group, our fixation with control, and our constant quest to protect and defend our egos. In addition to understanding why these natural impulses steer us wrong in a fast-moving world, leaders will get powerful questions and approaches that help them escape these patterns. In this podcast Jennifer talks about her three books, what each covers and which one is most effective for different audiences (from experts to the general public.)

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