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April 2019

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Dear Friends:

Welcome to the April newsletter where we share our leading recommendations for what to read, watch and listen to in the field of transformational leadership and organizational change.

This month we are delighted to share important pieces from Mobius Transformational Faculty Member Dr. Paul Dunion and Mobius Senior Expert Jennifer Garvey Berger – both of whom join us at this year’s Next Practice Institute (NPI) as faculty. 

Please Note: Registration for the NPI Annual Gathering (December 8-13 in Boston) opened this week! We hope as many of you as possible will avail of the Early Bird discount in place until the end of May. More information about the program below. 

In addition, Mobius Chief Thought Leader, Erica Ariel Fox, has a new podcast available through Untangle which offers an engaging introduction to the Winning from Within® methodology: why we must learn to negotiate with ourselves in order to balance our intuition, willpower, emotional intelligence and cognitive reasoning. Winning from Within® helps leaders to navigate high-stakes moments by bringing our full intelligence to the fore when it matters most.

We have an exciting series of books and videos we will be sharing with you in the coming weeks and months as we prepare for December’s Annual Gathering. Mobius Executive Leadership hosts this program to support and enrich a global community of organizational practitioners, transformational facilitators and coaches, HR leaders and business executives involved in leading change in their organizations. 

The annual global gathering offers a truly rare setting in which to study the myriad of arts needed to work with top teams, support organizational development and large scale culture change and to undertake social entrepreneurship. We welcome you to share the invitation to this year’s Gathering with interested friends and colleagues. To learn more, click here for the brochure or to register.

Warmest best, 

Chief Executive Officer,  Mobius Executive Leadership 


A blessing for vulnerability

What is vulnerability asking of you?

The idea that leaders, indeed all of us, need to show our vulnerability has gained popularity in recent years. Being vulnerable as a leader can makes us more accessible, trustworthy and inspiring. Further, it creates a developmental environment in which learning, interdependence and openness can flourish. This short piece from Paul Dunion offers us a way to measure and interact with our essential vulnerability. How do we know when we are too vulnerable or when we are not vulnerable enough? We are honored to have Paul join the Next Practice Institute faculty for this year’s December Gathering. The beauty and poetry of this short piece hints at the richness behind Paul’s very special men-only track which we’ve introduced to this year’s program. For more about NPI2019, click here.

This month's Untangle Podcast

Winning from Within: How to create lasting change

This highly accessible and engaging 40-minute conversation with Mobius Chief Thought Leader Erica Ariel Fox offers compelling ways of introducing the key ideas from Erica’s book Winning from Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change. The podcast covers what led Erica, earlier in her career while she was involved in the Harvard Negotiation Project, to the fundamental realization that we must negotiate with ourselves before attempting to influence others. It’s an excellent introduction on how to access the Winning from Within® Big Four to tap into our intuition, willpower, emotional intelligence and cognitive reasoning – that is, the full range of intelligence we need to respond more powerfully to the challenges we face at work and in our personal lives.

FREE WEBINAR: How to overcome the 5 common mindtraps

Our reflexes and mental shortcuts – many of which we’re designed for a less complex world, are no longer working

When was the last time you felt triggered by a remark from a friend or colleague? This is a sign you may be telling yourself an unhelpfully simple story about the situation. Mobius Senior Expert in Adult development and Complexity thinking, Jennifer Garvey Berger’s latest book, Unlocking Leadership Mindtraps: How to Thrive in Complexity guides us out of the desire for simple stories and four other common mental shortcuts which increasingly need to be addressed by those of us hoping to lead in a VUCA context. This approach is helpful not only for our own development, but critically for coaching senior executives.To learn more, Jennifer is offering an introductory webinar May 7th. Signing up is FREE and offers a brilliant introduction to this work. For those wanting to go deeper into the work, we are thrilled to confirm Jennifer, along with McKinsey & Company Director Emeritus, Zafer Achi, will re-join this year’s Next Practice Faculty to lead an immersive learning track to “grow your own complexity fitness.” 


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The 2019 Next Practice Institute takes place outside of Boston December 8-13. Registration is now OPEN. Sign up before May 31 to receive the Early Bird Discount. 

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