a series of free weekly seminars on topics to support you in these complex times

Mobius Executive Leadership wishes to bring the best of our body of ideas, practices and wisdom to our collective grappling with the heartbreaking COVID-19 crisis.

As such we are hosting Mobius Cares: A weekly free seminar with one of our Senior Experts or Thought Leaders.

Please join us and share this FREE resource widely with your own colleagues, teams and friends.

May 27, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

Engaging The Brain’s Complexity in the Pandemic Era: Cognitive Strategies to Dance on the Edge of the Known with Dr. Srini Pillay

Uncertainty is not new for organizations. It’s been a theme for more than a decade. Yet, the pandemic of 2020 represents a predatory threat that physiologically looms over the brain’s creative potential in new and unprecedented ways. Extensive brain research has indicated that predatory fear adds a layer of complexity to existential anxiety, and that rising death tolls turn the brain’s cognitive capacity upside down, making us more biased, insular, and trapped in a state of consciousness that holds us back from the dance with life. Although neurons often function optimally at the edge of chaos, understanding how to thrive on this edge without a perverse thrill can pose many challenges.  In this webinar, Dr. Srini Pillay, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, brain scientist, leadership development expert and invited member of a US think tank on disasters, trauma and global mental health will explain how the brain is in fact wired to navigate this complexity, and how we can institute specific cognitive practices to enable ourselves to engage a deeper level of consciousness in the pandemic era.


Dr. Srini Pillay is the Founder of NeuroBusiness Group, Author of Life Unlocked; Your Brain and Business and Tinker Dabble Doodle Try and Mobius Senior Expert.

June 3, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

Stop the Stresscalation: Leadership in a Time of Anxiety with Marty Boroson

Stress is highly contagious. But just one moment of real presence can stop its spread. In stressful times, we need leaders who can manage their own anxiety, avoid picking up other peoples’ stress, help others with their anxiety, and most of all, spread calm. This webinar includes practical training in One Moment Meditation® — with a particular eye on the role of leader or coach as meditator-in-chief.


Martin Boroson is the Author of One Moment Meditation; Founder of the One Moment Company and Mobius Transformational Faculty member.

Past Webinars

April 15, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

Love in a Lockdown: Relationships in a time of Crisis with Terry Real

Facing a potentially lethal pandemic, stuck at home, not off to work, or anywhere else for that matter, home-schooling children, financial uncertainty – it’s hard to imagine much more on our plates. And yet I’ve noticed an odd thing in these uncertain times: For many of us, human connection has never felt more important or vital. Learn about RELATIONAL MINDFULNESS holding steady when triggered, how crisis effects close relationships, and the opportunities presenting themselves in the midst of a nightmare. This talk aims to equip all of us to better rise to the occasion.


Terry Real is the Founder of the Relational Life Institute, world renowned therapist, author and Mobius Senior Expert.

April 22, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

Putting Complexity Thinking to the Test of this Pandemic with Zafer Achi

The irony of the coronavirus is that a relentlessly predictable phenomenon has thrown the world into chaos. People are facing unprecedented challenges with life and death at stake, for which they feel woefully unprepared. In this webinar, we will see whether complexity thinking can help us make sense of what we are living in ways that open new, liberating possibilities.


Zafer Achi is a McKinsey & Company, Director Emeritus and Mobius Senior Expert.

April 29, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

Embodied Leadership in a Crisis with Jennifer Cohen

When predictable pathways are shaded from view, leaders and change practitioners must design a freshly imagined future. As we do this, what becomes possible is immense. In this webinar we explore the first step in designing from the possible, not from the predictable. This is an embodied process. Our emotions, urges, and conditioned patterns are unlikely to help us navigate the current terrain. And for each of us, there will be moments when historical, trauma-related responses (which each of us carry, to varying extents) will be activated by today’s more extreme conditions. We must practice that which we can become by discerning the new organizing principle around which we center ourselves.


Jennifer Cohen is the Co-Founder of Seven Stones Leadership and a Mobius Transformational Faculty member.

May 6, 2020 | 11 AM ET

Lead Now With All of Your Inner Wisdom with Erica Ariel Fox

In ordinary times it takes focus and discipline to meet the world with the best of who we are. When the world around us falls apart, we need even more conviction to live and lead using the full range of our inner intelligences. Using the Big Four elements from Winning from Within, Mobius Chief Thought Leader and Co-Founder Erica Ariel Fox will help us reflect on ways to practice The Dreamer, The Thinker, The Lover, and The Warrior during this global crisis that impacts all of us. (No experience with Winning from Within needed).


Erica Ariel Fox is the Co-Founder of Mobius Executive Leadership and author of Winning
From Within.

May 13, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

Reentering Presence in a Contracted World with Anne Gottlieb

Anne Gottlieb leads this special 1.5-2 hour online workshop. As we have become relegated to connecting with others on-screen, flattened into grids of two-dimensional digital boxes, we can begin to lose a sense of ourselves as multidimensional beings in time and space.  Zoom, for example, is a magical technology but what is even more magical is our imagination and our capacity to expand our embodied consciousness and contact-fulness with others even in a contracted world. This experiential, somatic workshop will guide participants into the dimensions that hold our sense of support, interconnectedness, wisdom, intuition, beauty and imagination such that we can access tremendous generativity as leaders during this transitional time.  Please prepare your space so that you can move your body 360°, move your chair easily, stand a few feet away from the screen and use your voice freely. Instructions will be given to adapt the seminar for those who have very limited space, sound privacy or need to remain seated for the duration.

Anne is an actor, writer and Mobius Director of Presence.

May 20, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

High-Leverage Leadership: Systems Thinking in a Crisis with David Stroh & Marilyn Paul

At a time when most of the world is experiencing intense resource and mobility constraints, it helps to understand where our leverage for guiding change lies in three dimensions:


(1) Identifying often non-obvious leverage points in the complex social systems within which we are embedded;


(2) Tapping leverage in ourselves by developing specific character traits that enable us to work more effectively with complex system dynamics;


(3) Learning not only how to act on systems, but also how to stop acting and renew ourselves on a daily and weekly basis.


David Stroh is a Mobius Senior Expert and author of Systems Thinking for Social Change and Marilyn Paul, a close Mobius Friend, is the author of An Oasis in Time.