Master Classes

Mobius Master Classes are two-hour virtual series in which Mobius faculty offer a rich tapestry of programs that can be conducted for any size group, in flexible sequence, as a standalone training experience or assembled together as into an entire leadership journey.

We believe these seminars, led by the seminal thought leaders and expert practitioners we have assembled over the last fifteen years, operate as we always have at the nexus of “best practice” and “next practice”.

We’ve selected these specific seminars in anticipation of the most pressing development needs during the crisis such as working with uncertainty, dealing with strong emotions, and ensuring team alignment and focus. These programs, highly experiential in nature, offer cutting edge resources for building the adaptive agility of your organization. They can be integrated into other Mobius offerings as a flexible preparatory or embedding feature of a top team journey or other leadership programs.

Leadership Development

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Leading Systems

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Adaptive Leadership: The Evolution Series

Intro to Adaptive Leadership: Building Better Tomorrows

Scenario Planning: Preparing For and Getting “Future Ready”

Leadership in Permanent Crisis: Leading in Times of Great Change

Critical Decision Making: Making the Hard and Credible Choices for a Better Future