Featured Mobius Practitioners: Lynda Caesara

“A teacher who has embodied knowledge (as opposed to intellectual-only knowledge), is teaching with their whole system.”

For the past twenty years Lynda Caesara has taught advanced energy mastery. Many consider her a one-of-a-kind, a once-in-a-lifetime wisdom teacher.  For the last five years, Lynda has led practitioner development intensives for the Mobius community of practice, including a twice annual 10-day foundations course in Energy Mastery, and four 5-day advanced programs that help build a repertoire of personal energy management. She teaches facilitators and coaches to help activate their intuitive capacities, helping them to read subtle dimensions of individual and group process, deepen their group facilitation mastery, and finally, work with reactive patterns.

Lynda guides her students in the practical embodiment of a variety of powerful energy paradigms including understanding and unwinding the bio-energetic survival patterns that inform the personality structure or how each of us interact with the world around us.  This psycho-somatic model is based on the groundwork of Wilheim Reich and elaborated on in the book Lynda advised that was written by her student Steven Kessler: The Five Personality Patterns: You Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others and Developing Emotional Mastery.

She has also captured previously uncodified energy practices which allow each of us to tap into and dance with the masculine and feminine polarities innate withing us and to perceive and interpret the collective, unconscious and mythic dimensions in the world around us.

Her work allows facilitators to deepen our relational intelligence and ability to create psychologically safe and transformationally potent group environments.  More broadly, she tutors students in the direct perception of energy and the everyday application of esoteric intelligence handed down by indigenous peoples. Lynda is a masterful facilitator, gifted trauma-worker and a deeply grounded, no-nonsense teacher.

She spent two years studying Christian mysticism before beginning Shamanic practice in 1982, which has developed over the years to form the backbone of her instructional method. Lynda has also been active in bodywork from 1975 to present, studying and integrating techniques from Lauren Berry, John Upledger, Jean-Pierre Barral, Sharon Weiselfish-Giammatteo, and Frank Lowen into her practice. She has been teaching ongoing Energy Classes and workshops since 2001.