Featured Mobius Practitioners: Hilorie Baer

“My deepest work and greatest joy is to empower people to become more intimate with the deepest truth of who they are, in order to expand the potential of who they can become.”

Hilorie Baer is a personal coach and transformational facilitator with over thirty years of experience in working with individuals and couples. This includes a wide range of approaches and techniques, including psychodynamic insights, somatic experiencing, and research-based couples’ interventions.

In 2015 Hilorie joined the transformational leadership faculty of Mobius Executive Leadership and has served as a in program coach and faculty member for its immersive leadership offerings including the multi-client CEO program Executive Breakthrough Program. In this capacity Hilorie has worked as a coach and personal mastery practitioner for hundreds of senior executives often offering follow up supervision in the months following the sessions. Hilorie also oversees the bespoke enrollment process used to onboard executives into these transformational programs.

Hilorie’s many years of training in spiritual principles with Thomas Huebl led to the development of a new approach to personal empowerment. Her focus is a deep personal journey that helps to differentiate between one’s essential nature and defense structures, helping clients to see and accept reality, and thereby act with greater effectiveness and fulfillment.

Born in the U.S., Hilorie has a B.A. from the University of Chicago and a M.S.W. from Columbia University. She and her husband live in Jerusalem, where they have raised three children and where she maintains a private psychotherapy practice.