The goal of transformational coaching is to enhance self-awareness, connection and leadership effectiveness. In the context of the Everyday Respect task force, this programme offers individualised support to our Global Investigation and BCO professionals who are actively supporting the organisation’s exploration of incidents of harassment, bullying and abuse.

This bespoke session or sessions offer you an opportunity to work one-on-one with Mobius Executive Leadership’s transformational coaches, who operate at the cutting edge of leadership development. They have expertise in psychological and relational training and experience working with business leaders and HR professionals.

We are pleased to offer you an initial 90 minute personalised transformational coaching session, with the option to continue these sessions on an ongoing basis should you wish. These sessions will be entirely confidential and personalised to your needs, with the specific focus of the session designated by you and your coach in partnership.

This coaching conversation can help to amplify breakthroughs and crystallise lessons learned as part of your professional role.

The purpose of this support is to help people understand how the types of issues that you face at work integrate with your whole self. Some of these issues can be traumatic and this support will help you to understand and better manage the impact.

We recognise that participating in a session involves deep personal work in which difficult or distressing stories, emotions or memories may surface and you can communicate to the Mobius facilitator if you desire to slow down the exploration or feel the need to end the discussion.


We want Rio Tinto to be safe, respectful, and inclusive. Every day. For everyone.

Discrimination in any form has no place in our workplace. Sadly, some of our people at our sites and in our offices have experienced sexual harassment, bullying and racism. This is not acceptable, and we need to change. We seek to prevent harm coming to any of our people, and where we have failed to prevent harm, we will support healing as best we can.

We know that hearing these stories of harmful disrespect can also be distressing for the people charged with receiving, investigating or managing them. Research on trauma and recovery highlights the impact of vicarious trauma on those who witness or hear firsthand about the sexual harassment of another person, and the importance and gravity of offering people a chance to process and integrate their own emotional experience into these conversations.


You are being invited to a 1-1 session with a Transformational Coach from Mobius Executive Leadership. This initial session will be 90 minutes and you can direct the time in a way most useful for you. After this initial session, you will have the option to sign up for additional 60 minute sessions with your coach.

You judge your readiness to participate. It is important that you feel emotionally and mentally able to participate in a Session. We ask that you commit to seeking support from an appropriately qualified mental health professional if you are unsure of your readiness to participate. If you need help or support to build your own support network outside of these sessions, then please speak with your leader.

Participation is entirely voluntary, you are free to discontinue at any time. As this is a pilot it would be great if you were able to pass on any helpful feedback if you do withdraw.

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  • Prevent second-hand trauma from sustained exposure to emotionally challenging content
  • Promote self-care practices for energy management and personal well-being/ resilience
  • Build emotional intelligence, openness and authenticity
  • Foster quality of engagement and passion in life
  • Improved emotional self-management and better coping skills for stress/resilience
  • Lessening of fear and increased confidence and courage in speaking up
  • A clearer sense of your leadership aspirations, vision and life purpose

Please ensure you read this privacy and consent statement:

The sessions facilitated by Mobius are confidential and the content will not be shared with Rio Tinto. However, if during a session you provide information that indicates there is a risk of harm to you or someone else, Mobius has a duty of care to make that known to the head of your team and/or a representative of HR. This will ensure that the appropriate support can be provided to you without undue delay. You can also reach out to Rio Tinto’s EAP provider if you would like to seek the services of a licensed mental health professional. Mobius will provide you with more information about confidentiality and their duty of care in your first session.

By choosing to participate, we understand that you consent to disclosing your personal stories to Mobius (some of which may contain sensitive information). All information provided by you to Mobius will be handled in accordance with Mobius Privacy Policy its terms of service including confidentiality. Mobius will make you aware of such information in its sessions with you. All information provided to Rio Tinto (such as your feedback and any escalation information) will be handled in accordance with Rio Tinto’s Data Privacy Standard.

As this is a pilot programme, we will ask you for feedback about your experience. We encourage you to provide feedback as it will help us to shape what would be useful for others in the future.


Hilorie Baer is a member of the Mobius transformational faculty team, serving as faculty for executive retreats, CEO programmes and its more immersive leadership week-long sessions.

Hilorie is a personal coach and transformational facilitator with 25 years experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. She is a pioneer in developing a new approach to personal transformation through the practical application of mystical principles.

This innovation has come from work as a key member of Thomas Huebl’s core team, dedicated to developing a contemporary approach to spiritual awakening. Thomas Huebl, an internationally renowned spiritual teacher whose radical message that we must align our lives with higher consciousness has resonated with thousands from a wide range of backgrounds and orientations.

Deep immersion in the study of mystical principles, combined with her knowledge and experience of human psychological processes, gives Hilorie a unique ability to help clients connect to essential wisdom as it plays out through their personal situations and business challenges. As a result, they have access to a higher intelligence that enables them to overcome obstacles. This also illuminates their true potential and calling in life. A key aspect of this work is developing the ability to view situations and personal interactions with increasing clarity and discernment.

Born in the US, Hilorie has a BA from the University of Chicago and a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University. She and her architect husband of 30 years live in Jerusalem, where they have raised three children and where she maintains her own private psychotherapy practice.

Beth Bardovi is a transformational coach with Mobius, serving as core faculty for its CEO preparation programme, conducted in tandem with Egon Zehnder, called Executive Breakthrough Programme and regularly participating in its Executive retreat offerings.

Beth received her Masters of Psychology degree from Antioch University in 1983 and became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in 1985. Since earning her license she has been in private practice in Santa Monica, California specializing in working with adolescents, individuals and couples.

Beth is a Certified Master Psychotherapist and Teacher of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP). Since 1989 she has been teaching at IBP Institutes in the United States, Canada and Italy. Beth is the Executive Directory of IBP Italy. She has been a somatic psychotherapist since 1985 incorporating many disciplines including, somatic therapies, neuroscience, attachment theory, cognitive approaches, transpersonal psychology and eastern philosophies and practices.

Her goal is to tap into the innate wisdom of the body to liberate human potential. She uses breath to balance the nervous system, to change and release old habitual holding patterns and to allow a deeper more authentic experience of self. This builds new neural pathways that creates a body sense of well-being and deep and lasting transformation.

Beth has presented her work to various organizations including the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy, CAMFT chapters, Secondary Education Institutes, Promises Treatment Centers – Malibu and the Los Angeles County Psychological Association. She was interviewed on the Cutting Edge Consciousness Radio programme. Beth co-wrote an article titled, Integrative Body Psychotherapy and the Treatment of Trauma, published in the United States Association of Body Psychotherapy Conference Proceedings 2010.

When not working, Beth loves hiking, yoga, traveling and ceramics. Her most favorite thing is spending time with her husband and their two adult children.

Gary Blaser is a member of the transformational faculty team of Mobius, working as an In-Programme Coach in its senior leadership offerings. Gary is a body-centered psychotherapist with 15 years of experience working with leaders and clients to deepen their understanding of the messages their bodies give them. Through this tuning, he offers clients the opportunity to access the wisdom of their bodies and cultivate a life of authentic dignity.

In addition to his private practice, Gary was a founding co-facilitator of the Croton Mystery School, a several year transformational personal development offering which explores the deep mystery of living with heart. Gary has also led and developed multiple men’s retreats and leads a weekly men’s group. He also served as one of the faculty members for the Next Practice Institute, the professional development arm of Mobius Executive Leadership helping to guide a week long track on the masculine journey of maturation. Gary was trained in body-centered Gestalt Psychotherapy at the Hartford Family Institute. He is also trained in Contemplative Psychotherapy with Windhorse Integrative Mental Health, and innovative team approach which helps bring dignity to the severe challenged mind. In addition to being a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Massachusetts, he was a licensed massage therapist for 15 years, and for the last 20 years has engage in a vibrant practice of the contemplative dance form, contact improvisation.

Gary serves as a transformational facilitator and in programme coach with Mobius Executive Leadership. As a Body-Centered Psychotherapist he is committed to the deepening of a person’s relationship to their intuition, feelings, and gifts.

David Hayes  is a leadership coach and transformational faculty member for Mobius’s Winning from Within related programmes, including its multi-client programme Executive Discovery programmes.  He also frequently anchors Mobius executive retreat sessions.

David is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professional Clinical Counselor. He is also a senior doctoral candidate in psychoanalytic training at Los Angeles Institute and Society for Psychoanalytic Study, as well as a certified mediator, published poet, and award-winning essayist.

David has been in interested in healing work since 1997, when he began studying how to work with the body to resolve pain, as well as exploring how emotions were held and often stuck in our physical selves. It was at this time he met Amy Fox, beginning work with her early incubations of what would later become Mobius Leadership.

As this work evolved, he found that there was a natural progression towards psychology and the exploration of how thoughts and feelings related to the body. He gravitated in particular to depth psychology and psychoanalytic theories, as he found they valued deeper levels of meaning and understanding beyond just relief of symptoms.

David’s early clinical exposure was a mix of psychoanalytic training while working with adult patients in individual and group settings. Simultaneously, he worked in integrative medicine centers, at the hospital and clinic level, where traditional and alternative approaches to healing were being used.

David has been seeing individuals, couples, and families in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles since 2001.

Nancy Hyatt is a member of the personal mastery/transformational faculty of Mobius, joining many programmes to serve as the integrator faculty for executives’ individual insights and shifts.  She also participates in executive retreats and wider multi-client sessions as a transformational practitioner.

Nancy Hyatt brings over twenty years of experience in transformational psychotherapy. She works with individuals, couples, groups and organizations to release old emotional blocks that interfere with achieving personal, professional and relational potential. Her approach integrates cutting edge neuroscience, best practices in relational psychotherapy and mind/body wisdom.

Nancy is an Advanced Imago Relationship Therapist, a Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) trauma therapist, a Master Student of Encounter-Centered Couples Therapy and an Outward Bound Wilderness Therapist. Her work is also influenced by her studies with Dr. Sue Johnson in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy), Dr. Bruce Ecker (Coherence Therapy) and spiritual teacher, Thomas Huebl.

After receiving her Masters in Social Work from NYU, she completed a a Post Graduate Fellowship in the Outpatient Psychiatry Department of Boston Children’s Hospital. She then served as the Assistant Director of the Child and Adolescent Unit at The Boston Center, a partial psychiatric hospital. She has been in private practice since 1995.

Her professional leadership experience includes serving as both President and Vice President of MAIT ( Mid-Atlantic Association of Imago and Relational Therapists) an organization of over one hundred relational therapists. She coaches and advises other psychotherapists in deepening their capacity and skill in doing transformational psychotherapy.

Nancy’s practice is based in Bethesda, MD and she lives in Washington, DC with her husband of 25 years, Ken. They have two freshly launched adult children. Nancy’s passions outside of work include songwriting, playing guitar, meditating, Bikram Yoga, hiking and skiing.

Jennifer Krier, Ph.D., is a transformational coach with Mobius who is somatically trained as well.  Jen serves as In-Programme Coach during the deeper sessions Mobius leads for professional service firms and other companies wanting to cultivate transformational mindsets

Jen is also a clinical social worker, yoga teacher, and professional anthropologist who offers mind body integration services to individuals and leadership teams in both profit and non-profit sectors. She uses coaching, somatics, relational psychotherapy, and yoga therapeutics to help clients create positive change in themselves and in the worlds in which they live, move and work. Her mission is to bring mind body integration to the everyday culture of workplaces, in order to create the physical wellbeing and secure relationships that are critical to successful teams and individuals striving for innovation.

Jennifer received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College, and her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Harvard University, where she was a Fulbright Scholar, studying gender and power relations in rural Indonesia. She is also a registered yoga teacher, is certified as both a Co-Active and Strozzi Somatic Coach, and is completing her Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work at Simmons. Jennifer has taught at Harvard University and was an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Cornell University. She is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia.

Jennifer has served as the Boston area group facilitator of the Hoffman Process Graduate Group. She is the co-author of a published play, Eve-olution, which was produced and ran off-Broadway. In addition to coaching, Jennifer works as a depth psychotherapist at the Danielsen Institute in Boston, and teaches yoga classes and workshops in the area.

Jennifer lives with her husband and three children in Belmont Massachusetts.

Wendy Shami, LCSW, RSW, SEP is a Mobius Transformational Faculty Member. She has been providing psychotherapy and trauma resolution services for 20 years. In addition to receiving a graduate degree from Columbia University School of Social Work, Wendy spent two post-graduate years at The Ackerman Institute for Families and Children. These experiences helped shaped a traditional psychodynamic, systems-oriented foundation for her clinical work.

As a lifelong learner who is dedicated to honing her clinical skills, Wendy has pursued additional training in mindfulness, the application of neuroscience to cognitive and emotional processing, attachment theory and the neurobiology of attachment. She is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and assists at trainings across North America.

Wendy has a strong commitment to providing support for those who care for others. In her experience of working with clients over the years, she has witnessed that in practicing self-care, individuals are more able to tap into their own resilience and grow their capacity to stay present, especially during periods of crisis.

Gregor Steinmaurer, MSc

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Gregor Steinmaurer, MSc, is  a Mobius Transformational Faculty, serving as an In-Programme Coach in its immersive leadership programmes. He is a Systemic Therapist, Coach and international Facilitator. He has a Master Degree in Counselling Psychology (University of Graz, Austria), Trauma Therapist (SE, NARM).

Gregor works in private practice in Austria and Berlin and teaches international workshops and trainings.

Gregor is trained in a variety of approaches from Systemic Family Therapy, NLP, Neuroaffective Psychotherapy, Bodywork, Family Constellation and others.

Long-term intensive exploration and practice of different spiritual traditions, Meditation and Martial Arts.

He is a senior assistant and lecturer at the Academy of Inner Science, founded by Thomas Hübl, and the Pocket Project, a non-profit organization to raise awareness and support integration for collective and intergenerational trauma in the world.

He is passionately interested in the further development of collective healing oriented processes at the intersection of trauma, mysticism and integral development.

Dr. Elizabeth Torres is a member of the Mobius Transformational Faculty, serving as an In Programme Coach in deeper immersive leadership workshops.  She is also the lead supervisor for the 1:1 coaching and listening circles being conducted by Mobius for the Every Day Respect Task Force.

Elizabeth is a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and master clinician specializing in the treatment of individuals with complex trauma and mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. Torres is licensed to practice in both California and Massachusetts and has deep experience in her many roles as a clinical psychologist: individual therapist, couples and family therapist, consultant, therapy supervisor, mentor, teacher, group facilitator, and thought leader. In 2019, she published her first book “Just This Moment: A Guide for Moms who want to Enjoy Parenting, Raise Great Kids, and THRIVE!” This was a culmination two decades of working with mothers and her vision to teach mothers everywhere how mindfulness, acceptance, and cognitive behavioral therapy can improve their sense of themselves and quality of their lives.

Dr. Torres received her PsyD at Rutgers University-the Graduate School of Applied Psychology in 1996. She completed the APA-accredited internship in Clinical Psychology at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship there in the treatment of Women’s Trauma and Dissociative Disorders where she was supervised by preeminent leaders in the fields of trauma, dissociative disorders, and women’s psychology.

For 21 years Dr. Torres held an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and jointly in the Department of Psychology at McLean Hospital. She served as Instructor in Psychology teaching seminars and providing clinical supervision for pre-doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows. She was a consultant for the Pavilion Programme at McLean Hospital, an internationally recognized psychiatric evaluation programme. In her community, she served as a consultant and guest speaker for various organizations. In 2008, she received the Partners in Excellence award from Partners HealthCare at McLean Hospital.

Dr. Torres has owned a private psychotherapy practice for 25 years, starting in Boston area and since 2018 in San Diego. Using a mind/body/spirit approach to trauma-informed care, her specialties include mindfulness and acceptance, maternal mental health, cross-cultural issues/ internalized racism, and couples therapy. Since 2005 she has been teaching moms about mindfulness in their everyday lives, with additional resources for them on her website and from her book, Just this Moment.

For five years, Dr. Torres was the clinical director of the Massachusetts-based Moving Beyond Depression treatment program funded by the Department of Public Health. She became one of the few experts in maternal depression in the New England region. The program was based on the first validated treatments at that time for maternal depression. In that role she co-developed an adaptation of the protocol for the specific patient population and at the same time building a state-wide clinical work force. She was certified as the In-State trainer by Every Child Succeeds, Inc. (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital) to train clinicians to use the protocol. Besides this program, Dr. Torres has also provided training in Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Maternal Mental Health to a variety of organizations. She was on the Speaker’s Bureau for McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School and has been a contributor to print and online media, TV, and radio.

Dr. Torres is a member of the American Board of Professional Psychology, American Psychological Association, National Latino/a Psychological Association, San Diego Psychological Association, Postpartum International, and San Diego Postpartum Health Alliance. As a clinician participating in Immigrants Rising’s newest initiative, the Mental Health Connector, she provides free psychotherapy for undocumented young people. As the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, she enjoys mentoring other women of color. She is also a “Tribal Counselor” for the TV show, “Survivor.”