Praxis You

Daniel Goleman (More Than Sound) and visiting instructors


This year, More Than Sound will launch the beta version of Praxis You, an online learning platform for personal and professional development. You’ll have the unique chance to connect with a bevy of experts in leadership, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness through well-rounded, practical, and engaging courses. How it Works: Our one-of-a-kind learning sessions are designed to help you harness the knowledge necessary to achieve your full potential. The content includes the latest research, real-life experiences, relevant guidance, and proven-effective tools.

Instructors include: Daniel Goleman, Joseph Grenny, Elad Levinson, Mirabai Bush, and many others.



Uncovering Happiness Symposium with Elisha Goldstein

Udemy, Elisha Goldstein


In the past 15 years cutting-edge innovations in neuroscience have led to one of the most powerful insights in human history…that within each and every one of us there are natural biological potentials for real happiness. In this course, you will learn how to harness your brain’s own natural anti-depressants and uncover your true potential for joy. Led by Elisha Goldstein, PhD

September 17-19, 2019

Foundations for Leadership 2019

Society for Organizational Learning

The Warren Conference Center & Inn, 529 Chestnut Street, Ashland, MA 01721

Deepen your capacity to lead effectively and learn how to create an adaptive, flexible learning organization. Explore what it takes to create an environment where leadership is a shared responsibility, naturally embedded in the fabric of an organization and community. This intensive, interactive, three-day program is based on the leadership development process described in The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge, identified as a seminal management book by Harvard Business Review. The essence of leadership concerns the capacity of a human community to shape its future. Foundations for Leadership delves into both the personal and inherently collective aspects of leadership. At the workshop, special attention is given to the domains of personal mastery, mental models, and systems thinking as they apply to leading and initiating meaningful change.


Embodied Living Podcasts

Deirdre Fay


Embodied Podcasts are designed to give you an experience of living inside your skin. For many people in our day and edge that’s a foreign concept. When there’s been trauma and attachment wounding it is even more complicated.  Led by Deirdre Fay, a former supervisor at The Trauma Center; former trainer for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute trainer; certified Internal Family Systems; and qualified trainer in Mindful Self-Compassion, she is the originator of the Becoming Safely Embodied skills used throughout the world.


Break Through to Yes with Collaboration Podcast By David B. Savage

David Savage

Today, our world, our nations, our communities, our families, our organizations and our planet are faced with increasingly complex challenges that present massive potential risks. We are also at a time in human history where we are more educated and connected, and have resources available like never before to access for our advantage. Seize this opportunity to join a movement of progressive, principled and successful leaders. Working together is a key strategic advantage for those leaders and organizations that build a culture of collaboration. In this program and in the book, Savage brings expertise for collaborative leaders. Now is our time to lead more powerfully, consciously and collaboratively in ways that make our world a better place today and in the future. Leaders in companies will make this essential shift now. Engage with David B. Savage on Break Through To Yes with Collaboration on Voice America Business! Listen Every Thursday at 3 pm Pacific Time.


The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

The Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman  gives you insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity. Each episode features a guest who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of your self, others, and the world we live in. Former guests of the show include Dr. Daniel Siegel, Brené Brown and Charles Duhigg.


McKinsey Podcast

McKinsey & Company

The McKinsey Podcast takes you inside the global firm, and features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in business and management. Topics covered in this series include strategy, technology, leadership, marketing, operations, organization, and the role of business in society.


Step 1: Embracing Sustainable Abundance

Seven Stones Leadership Group

Discover a deeper sense of self-knowledge, purpose, fulfillment and community as you learn effective habits, adopt powerful tools and expand your understanding of your own potential and the impact you can have on the world.

Centered around our philosophy of Sustainable Abundance, this foundational course guides you to embrace and master a novel approach to life and leadership.

Together we embark on your personal leadership journey. This journey represents a palpable paradigm shift in mindset from looking at the world through a lens of scarcity to one of Sustainable Abundance

Multiple Dates

The Inspired Leader Journey™

Corporate Evolution

Multiple Locations Worldwide

Corporate Evolution is a Leader in the area of Values and Organisational Transformation.

The Inspired Leader Journey™ is a series of programs to transform leadership through the lens of Values and Purpose.  Inspired leaders are Purpose-led and values-driven, making extraordinary impact in their work, their families, their communities and in society.

It is based on the latest leadership research; an integration of Barrett 7 levels of Consciousness, Kegan’s Adult Stages of Development, The Leadership Circle and Presencing Institute’s Theory U.

Multiples Dates

Collective Leadership™ Certification

The Leadership Circle

US & Canada

In this one-day experiential program, you’ll learn how to use the Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) to provide senior leaders with feedback/insight regarding their collective impact. LCS is based on the integrated Leadership Circle framework, and measures leaders’ perception of their current leadership culture and compares/contrasts it with their own description of the ideal culture necessary for strategic and organization success. A detailed gap analysis shows specific, actionable areas for improvement. Additionally, though already certified to use the Leadership Circle Profile Group Report, you will deepen your knowledge on how to use the Group Report with leadership teams. The Group Report provides another look at the team’s collective effectiveness by aggregating all of their individual Profiles. Customizable meeting designs for using the LCS and the LCP Group Report will be shared. Completion of Leadership Circle Profile Certification is required before attending this program.


The Way We Work Podcast

Tony Schwartz, Founder and CEO of the The Energy Project

Get ready to revolutionize the way you work and live. Learn how to be healthier, happier, more focused, and more productive than ever before. In “The Way We Work,” we explore groundbreaking insights from neuroscience, physiology, psychology, and perennial philosophy to provide you with new tools to address the human performance challenges standing in the way of solving your most critical business problems. Founder and CEO of The Energy Project, Tony Schwartz shares how he started his journey in uncovering what it means to lead a full life. With this wisdom, he created a framework for people to become fully fueled and meet each of their core energy needs. Tony is a bestselling author, human performance expert, and lifetime learner.


Work and Life with Stew Friedman Podcast

Work and Life

Welcome to Work and Life with Stew Friedman, international speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning professor at The Wharton School who founded its Work/Life Integration Project and the Total Leadership approach.

On this podcast Stew talks with experts about how to cultivate harmony between work and the rest of your life — your family, community, and private self (mind, body, and spirit). These conversations were broadcast on the Work and Life show on SiriusXM 111, Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School, which airs on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern.

Varying Dates and Times

Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification

The Leadership Circle

Different Locations

The Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification is three days packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief The Leadership Circle assessments. Over the last decade, The Leadership Circle has risen to the top tier of leadership assessments, and is preferred by executive and leadership development professionals worldwide.  In this session you will gain in-depth knowledge about the Universal Model of Leadership and the stage of development frameworks upon which the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° (LCP) is built. Our unique integration of psychological, leadership and development theory will provide you with transformational insight to help your clients increase their leadership effectiveness.

Multiple Dates

Organization & Systems Development Program

Gestalt Center

This program format provides an opportunity for individuals interested in the Gestalt Center’s world-class OSD training, developed over 35+ years, to undertake the experience in a weekend format, requiring minimum time away from work. The program includes 9 weekends, scheduled every other month and usually spanning two calendar years. Each weekend will include a Friday evening session, a full day on Saturday, and a Sunday morning session. Two of the weekends will begin earlier. The program provides individuals with the theory, concept, methodology, skills, and techniques for effectively intervening at the individual, two-person, group, and organizational levels of system. It offers individuals an opportunity to learn how to use the GestaltOSD perspective to develop themselves professionally, design interventions, and lead and manage change in the systems within which they live and work.

Apr-Jun 2019

Discovery Training

System Live

Lago Maggiore, Italy

The purpose of the Discovery training is to provide Coaches with the skills to use Systemic Constellations in their Coaching practice.

It offers an easier and more effective learning approach than traditional Constellations teaching methods. It’s based on a learning methodology that makes it easier for you to use Systemic Constellations in your work. It’s based on an original structured step-by step process, making the learning process easier while still being able to “enjoy the magic”.  It’s specifically for coaches, uses a non-directive approach and a clear distinction is made between Constellations in Coaching and Family Constellations. It focuses on one-on-one Coaching, the most common context for professional Coaches. It provides a learning imprint that’s useful for Coaches, from the simplest applications in one-on-one Coaching, moving towards higher complexity with teams and groups, so that you can quickly grow your confidence in using what you learn. Learn how to use Constellations for a variety of topics related to different facets of organizationsteamworkrelationships and personal development.

Multiple Dates 2019

Presencing Foundation Programs

Presencing Institue

Multiple Locations Worldwide

The Presencing Foundation Programme is a 4 day intensive introduction to concepts and practices of Theory U, a social technology for helping to bring about profound innovation and change. Theory U is being applied around the world by individuals, organisations and in multi-sector initiatives generating breakthrough possibilities around pressing organisational and societal issues.

The focus of this method is on sensing and actualising emerging future opportunities, both individually and collectively. In this program you will learn how to sense and seize future opportunities and how to connect to the deeper journey of your personal and professional life in order to become a more effective leader and change-maker in your work environment.

Multiple Dates 2019

Constellation Workshops


We are passionate about systemic constellations and committed to inclusivity and creating a low cost gateway to the work from which we have all benefitted personally .

We experience this resourcing work as strengthening connections between everyone and everything and believe it has a harmonising effect on the wider society and the environment.

All four members of the team completed two years training, initially in ‘classical’ family constellations with The Hellinger Institute of Britain and then with the Centre for Systemic Constellations. We have all subsequently taken part in various different international trainings for constellation facilitators.

Multiple Dates 2019

1440 Multiversity

1440 Multiversity

At 1440, explore reenergizing, new approaches for how you live, love, and work through experiential learning in a beautiful, nurturing environment. During your stay for a weekend or longer, get inspired by stellar teachers and enjoy plenty of downtime for self-reflection and connection with other guests. Discover new ways to enhance self-understandingimprove health, or strengthen your professional expertisecreative gifts, and relationships.

July 1-5, 2019

Building Leadership Competency: The Contemporary Use of Organization Development Principles for All

Cape Cod Institute

The workshop will help participants apply OD principles to better address organizational challenges, become more effective communicators, and learn how to host difficult conversations. Participants also will explore “use of self” as an avenue for personal and professional development. The workshop will be helpful for both those with an OD background and people who are new to it.

June 4-6, 2019

Transforming the Way We Gather and Lead: An Art of Hosting Intensive

Art of Hosting

Portland, Oregon

Join us for an Art of Hosting Intensive: ​We all desire more effective meetings and practices for working better together amidst times of rapid change and high complexity. We are seeking processes, tools and engagement strategies that bring out the best in our communities, foster deeper collaboration, and create more meaningful impact. Transforming the Way We Lead is about: Navigating Complex Challenges Moving Beyond Business As Usual Facilitating Creative Conversation Transforming Group Dynamics


5th Annual Mindful Leadership Summit

Mindful Leader

Grand Hyatt, 100 H St. NW, Washington D.C., 20001

What we hope for you:

Discovery – How do you keep up with the latest research? Techniques? Innovation? You will be inspired by work being done in your backyard and across the globe. You’ll hear updates from the leaders in the field and untold stories about ordinary people having an extraordinary impact. You’ll encounter new ways to approach situations that you’ve been stuck in and tools that help implement Mindfulness into your workplace easier. You’ll learn from the best of the best and engage with peers that are in the trenches facing the same issues you face daily.

Growth  – How do you have a greater impact? Work with competing priorities? Not enough time? Not enough money? You’ve got to get creative and hone your craft. You will discover new ways to approach old problems, learn to deliver more effective results with slight modifications to your technique and how to have greater success while avoiding burn out. You will leave with a deeper sense of self, knowing how to apply Mindfulness to your profession with more skills and how to bring Mindfulness into your workplace with greater effectiveness.

Connect –  How do you ensure that when you leave the Summit that you have a support system to fall back on? You’ll be part of a unique gathering of people, all of whom are interested in exploring this emerging path of leadership excellence. We know how important it’s going to be for you to connect with others at this event, so we’re creating an environment that encourages peer-to-peer learning and community-building. In addition to keynote talks, main stage presentations, workshops and mindfulness practice, there will be opportunities for making personal connections through small round tables, organic group discussions and social events. We’ll have time to share success stories, challenges, practical tools and best practices.

Multiple Dates

Basic Facilitator Training – Boulder, CO – 9 Days

Shadow Work


The Basic Facilitator Training might be exactly what you are looking for. It provides substantial structure for facilitating Shadow Work® processes together with lots of experiential practice time.  We train very small groups of facilitators so you can receive plenty of mentoring and guidance from us as you practice the processes.

You will discover how to use the power of the Shadow Work® processes to liberate those parts of yourself and others that have been repressed and denied.  The training also provides you with the opportunity for some personal growth as you work with the shadows that might block your ability to facilitate – ­­or just live the life you want – by unlocking your true power and experience your gifts and strengths in a setting designed for group safety and individual choice.

Besides learning to facilitate Shadow Work ® processes, you will also be shown the four basic “Shifts in Perception” we use to illuminate the four most difficult shadows you will encounter.  Learning to understand what’s really beneath the most difficult shadows gives you leverage for dealing with all people.  You will learn how each of the four biggest shadows grew out of a particular set of wounds, and how it can be unraveled and mended by the ShadowWork® processes.

Multiple Dates

Basic Facilitator Training – Cotsworlds, UK – 7 Days

Golden Opportunities

Cotswolds, UK

The BFT training is the first step to becoming certified as either a Shadow Work group facilitator or a Shadow Work coach.  This training is highly experiential, and has a small participant-to-trainer ratio.  The focus of the training is to provide participants with a solid base in the use of the basic Shadow Work facilitation tools.  It involves a great deal of hands-on facilitation time, both in practice situations and in real processes.  Participants in this training will receive the appropriate DVDs and manual well in advance of the training, so they can become familiar with the tools and processes before the training.

March 22-25, 2019

Advanced Gestalt Coaching Workshop

Gestalt Center

1 Chauncey Road Princeton, NJ 08541

This advanced workshop is designed for coaching program graduates and experienced coaches who are interested in increasing self- and other-awareness. Participants will have an opportunity to build upon their existing coaching knowledge and expertise. Effective Use of Self, speeding up the process of change, and achieving desired outcomes will be supported by Gestalt Organization and Systems Development (OSD) theory, concept and method. This workshop is highly experiential. The 4:1 participant to faculty ration provides ample support for practice and instructive feedback to each participant.

June 17-20, 2019

Presence-Based Leadership: A Retreat for Coaches and Leaders

Presence Based Coaching

3717 Bend of Ivy Rd Marshall, NC

We all know, from our own visceral experience, that the world is complex and unpredictable. Many of us, and our clients, are in the midst of tremendous challenges; we seek resources and guidance for how to navigate territory for which we feel unprepared.

This new context demands new and resourceful ways for sensing the world and constructing meaning. It demands that we not only understand complexity as an external phenomenon, but also work skillfully and holistically with the complexity internal to us as leaders and humans.

This emerging Presence-Based® Leadership body of work gives us radical new perspectives and integrative practices for navigating this terrain. This work is a synthesis with deep roots in complexity work, leadership development, somatics, interpersonal neurobiology, and developmental psychology and coaching.

The retreat draws from the foundations of Presence-Based Coaching and the pioneering work of Carolyn Coughlin and her colleagues with complexity and adult development in some of the world’s leading organizations. Doug Silsbee’s new book also provides a major new synthesis of these important streams. This is the third time this retreat will be offered at Bend of Ivy Lodge.

March 4-6 2019

Presence-Based®Coaching I

Presence Based Coaching

Bend of Ivy Lodge 3717 Bend of Ivy Rd Marshall, NC

The Presence-Based® Coaching Course is a two part course. While PBC I is self-contained and will provide a strong foundation for coaching with presence, participants will only receive the benefits of the full model from attending the whole course. Completion of Presence-Based Coaching I is required before attending PBC II. Course fees include tuition, materials, and post-retreat coaching calls. Required pre-reading text for each retreat is not included (The Mindful Coach for PBC I; Presence-Based Coaching for PBC II.)

Nov 12-15 2018 / May 6-9 2019

Presence-Based®Coaching II

Presence Based Coaching

Bend of Ivy Lodge 3717 Bend of Ivy Rd Marshall, NC

The second part of the Presence-Based® Coaching Course emphasizes presence as an outcome of coaching for clients. We continue to strengthen our own ground as coaches, as we also couple our way of being with new coaching moves that evoke new awareness and capacity in the client. The result is greater resilience, efficacy, choice, aliveness, and leadership presence.

This second part of our core course includes approximately two hours of pre-work, a four day retreat, and two one-hour follow-up class calls. After completion of this two-part course, students will understand, and be equipped to develop mastery in, the complete Presence-Based Coaching model.

June 11-13, 2019

Leading Across Boundaries for Systems Change

Society for Organizational Learning

The Warren Conference Center, 529 Chestnut Street, Ashland, MA 01721

This intensive, interactive, three-day program builds on decades of hands-on experience by Peter Senge and Darcy Winslow in shifting cultures of organizations for the wellbeing of employees, communities, and the planet. Whether within an organization, a value chain, or a community, deep change often involves building networks of trust and collaboration across boundaries, within and among organizations. This workshop will build skills that you can use right away to make change and move from polarization and inertia to collectively envisioning, initiating, and creating new futures. Special attention will be given to how to help shift the collective focus from just reacting to problems to releasing collective creativity.

August 13-16, 2019

Executive Champions’ Workshop

Society for Organizational Learning

Stowe, VT

The Executive Champions’ Workshop (ECW) has thrived over the years because of a growing desire amongst senior leaders from diverse organizations around the world to engage in deeper dialogue with peers who share their aspirations and face similar challenges. With its distinguished participants, this program has consistently created a distinctive space for deep reflection and conversation around questions that matter. The ECW is not a training session. Nor is it a typical conference. It is both personal and substantive in the way that only deep conversation among peers can be. Offered in collaboration with the Presencing Institute, the Executive Champions’ Workshop (ECW) is a special setting for nurturing new thinking and relationships among executive leaders in today’s rapidly changing economic and social landscape. Offered by invitation for executives who are champions of change, the ECW is a unique opportunity to reflect, refocus, and recharge.

Week 1: April 29-May 3, 2019 / Week 2: June 24-28, 2019

Facilitating Transformation through Values: Self™

Corporate Evolution

Copenhagen, Denmark

Facilitating Transformation through Values™ (FTV) trains and accredits facilitators and coaches to deliver deeply transformational values-based leadership programs.

FTV facilitator accreditation has been developed over a five-year period in collaboration with one of the largest management consultancies and their global clients.

The design of each program follows a Theory U transformational process, with the content integrating many of the leading leadership frameworks including Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness, Theory U, Adult Stages of Development, Adaptive Leadership and many sources of ancient wisdom.

The FTV has enabled Corporate Evolution to become a global standard in Values-based transformational facilitation.

April 8 - 11, 2019 / November 18 - 21, 2019

Facilitating Transformation through Values: Teams™

Corporate Evolution

Facilitating Transformation through Values™ (FTV) trains and accredits facilitators and coaches to deliver deeply transformational values-based leadership programs.

FTV facilitator accreditation has been developed over a five-year period in collaboration with one of the largest management consultancies and their global clients.

The design of each program follows a Theory U transformational process, with the content integrating many of the leading leadership frameworks including Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness, Theory U, Adult Stages of Development, Adaptive Leadership and many sources of ancient wisdom.

The FTV has enabled Corporate Evolution to become a global standard in Values-based transformational facilitation.

Sep-Oct 2019

Advanced Training


Lago Maggiore, Italy

This training aims to provide a higher level of Mastery in using Systemic Constellations in Coaching.

It builds on what you have learnt in the Discovery Training. You will further develop your skills to work more in depth on personal development topics, as well as broadening your ability to apply Systemic Constellations in any coaching context.

The main learning areas cover:

  • Manage personal transformational change with Constellations
  • Deal with emotions in the context of Systemic Constellations
  • Constellations using objects on tabletops
  • Constellations using people as representatives
  • How to use Constellations in Group and Team Coaching

Mar 14, 2019 - Nov 19, 2019

Presencing Advanced Program: Ecosystem Leadership

Presencing Institue

Berlin, Germany

This highly interactive, exploratory, and co-creative 8-month program seeks to build and grow our collective capacities, by bringing together people creating deep ecosystem change. It seeks to strengthen our global network and provide ways for us to learn together as we implement initiatives in our own contexts.

The program will focus on transforming places and communities from old, institution-centered ways of operating to new, co-creative and ecosystemic ways that work through activating generative social fields.

As part of a vibrant global ecosystem of inspired changemakers collaborating across sectors, systems, and geographies, we believe that coming together will strengthen our ability to create the future we wish to see.

We will explore methods and approaches to enable collective innovation in different arenas, such as:

  • food, farming, and environment
  • business and economy
  • learning and leadership
  • governance and democracy


March 8, 2019

One Moment® Time Mastery

One Moment Company

Prime Meridian, Greenwich, London

Great leaders lead on time.

Not  boxed in by a congested daily schedule, they don’t confuse being ‘busy’ with being real and being present each time, every time. They model healthy time habits for their organizations because they know that their personal time practices profoundly impact those around them. They create the time needed to truly lead. And they seem able to do this with space and with ease.

The day-long seminar, held in Greenwich, London–one of the most important sites in the history of human timekeeping–will be a deep dive into your beliefs and choices about time.

You will learn how to transcend the daily struggle with ‘busy’, find the kinds of time you really need, and discover that by creating more space in your mind, you may even have more time than you think. And you will learn our disruptive approach to  time, enabling you to meet the emerging challenges of 21st century leadership.

The One Moment® Time Mastery program will help you:

  • identify the factors that have forged your relationship with time
  • penetrate the mystery of time
  • develop the skills and power to make time work for you

Multiple Dates 2019

Immunity to Change Facilitator’s Workshops

Minds at Work

Doubletree Suites Boston/Cambridge 400 Soldiers Field Road Boston, MA 02134

This three-day workshop is the first step in developing knowledge and experience with the ITC methodology. Participants learn how to use the powerful Immunity Map assessment tool in both individual coaching and group workshop settings to uncover the hidden immune system that prevents change.

The Immunity to Change Approach

What happens when your clients want to change but find themselves stuck in old patterns?  The Immunity to Change (ITC) methodology is designed to help individuals, teams and organizations attain deeply sought changes by bringing their internal unconscious resistance to change to light.  This award-winning coaching method is based on years of research in adult development and has supported individuals, teams, and organizations in every sector and geography to succeed in meeting their improvement goals.

Over the three days, participants join other coaches, consultants, organizational development officers, corporate trainers and others from around the world to learn about and practice how to support their clients in diagnosing and overturning the immune system and realizing their critical improvement goals.

We offer this program four times per year: March 27-29, June 12-14, September 18-20, and December 4-6.  It is a prerequisite for all other Minds at Work ITC programs.

Our next workshop is coming up in March!

April 3rd 2019

Immunity to Change Coach Certification Program

Minds at Work

Doubletree Suites Boston/Cambridge 400 Soldiers Field Road Boston, MA 02134

The Coach Certification program is the most in-depth and comprehensive coach training program that Minds at Work offers and the only one that provides a path to ITC coach certification.  We are very careful in our selection process, looking for the strength and experience of each individual participant as well as the dynamics of the small cohort we are forming.

The Immunity to Change (ITC) methodology is designed to help individuals, teams and organizations attain deeply sought changes by bringing their internal unconscious resistance to change to light.  This award-winning coaching method is based on years of research in adult development and has supported individuals, teams, and organizations in every sector and geography to succeed in meeting their improvement goals.

Participants experience ITC as both coach and “client.” There are two intensive, interactive seminars here in Cambridge, two group video-conferences, and each participant is paired with a personal certified ITC coach and mentor who will guide them through the various aspects of ITC. Our dual approach gives participants a deep, holistic understanding of Immunity to Change and enables them to demonstrate skillful ITC coaching.

April 9-11, 2019

Transformational Leadership: How to use neuroscience to prepare tomorrow’s leaders

NeuroBusiness Group

Become one of the first people to get certified in Transformational Neurocoaching!

Transformation begins on the inside, it’s why neuroscience adds tremendous value to your learning strategy.  And when you understand any issue, leadership or otherwise, through a neuroscience lens, it gives you the information necessary to help leaders and clients to transcend it. This is especially true if you have research-proven frameworks to apply this understanding. During the program, you’ll learn how to leverage this methodology with tools to help you transform individuals and collective teams. Whether you are a learning or leadership development professional, in talent development, a coach within an organization, or a private client coach.


June 14-15 & November 7-8, 2019

Social Presencing Theater

Presencing Institue

Multiple Locations

Drawing on the arts and contemplative traditions, Social Presencing Theater brings to the surface a clearer sense of the relationships, hidden dynamics, and emerging possibilities inherent in a team, organization or larger system. It allows co-creators in a given system to gain insight into the current situation, seeing potential opportunities for change. It sets the ground for creative collective action.
“Theater” here denotes an empty stage or a blank canvas where the different aspects and roles of the system can be embodied. In that space, the roles can interact in fresh and creative ways to reveal emerging possibilities hidden in the system. It is “the art of making a true move.”

Multiple Dates 2019

5 Elements Constellation Workshop

In this work the elements represent five aspects of the Self. Each of the 5 elements, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire have many associations and significance and it is an intra-psychic type of constellation. Additionally, there are two cycles that help and promote health and harmony, similarly to the ‘Order of Love’ from Bert Hellinger. When these two cycles are affected or disrupted these lead to internal dynamics that support ways of being, issues, and patterns that weigh us down or holds us back. These are further explained at the beginning of the workshop.

This process is insightful, diagnostic, and expands the person’s view of pertinent life issues. From this new expanded awareness the work progresses towards a resolution, towards a more harmonious, strengthening way of being. By seeing the deeper reality beneath presenting problems is enlightening, hugely relieving and creates real movement. When these movements are supported and happen, we are more integrated, congruent and calm. These help us gather more of ourselves and our resources, easing our way forward in life. This approach supports us experience life with a greater level of harmony with ourselves and with everything and everyone who is important to us.

July 8-12, 2019

Developing Better Leaders through Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Renewal and Resonant Relationships

Cape Cod Institute

Using their own research and that of close colleagues, Professors Richard E. Boyatzis and Scott N. Taylor will lead the class through a series of exercises, reviewing research showing how effective leaders use emotional, social and cognitive intelligence to build better relationships, ones that resonate with the people around them — all of the people around them. To reach and sustain that degree of effectiveness, leaders need to engage in renewal practices for themselves and the people around them — and renewing the potency of their relationships. Topics will be explored as to how and what emotional and social intelligence is and where it fits with cognitive intelligence. Research from 37 behavioral, longitudinal studies, as well as 2 fMRI neuroimaging studies and 2 hormonal studies will show how coaching to vision and resonant relationship is far more effective than coaching to goals or problems. The underlying theory is Intentional Change Theory and how to create moments of the psychophysiological state called the Positive Emotional Attractor versus the Negative Emotional Attractor. Exercises will provide introductions and practice in coaching with compassion versus coaching for compliance. The applicability to other forms of developmental relationships, like leadership, parenting, medical care, clerical counseling and so forth will be examined and explored.

August 5-9, 2019

Embodied Self-Experience: Enhancing Awareness in Clinical Practice through Meditation, Movement, and Voice

Cape Cod Institute

In this highly experiential workshop, participants will explore embodiment, self-experience, and how clinicians can use both with clients who have a history of trauma. Licia offers experiential exercises that create a safe way to explore an interpersonal and neurobiological perspective to therapeutic interactions. Participants will learn how such awareness, starting from the first moments a clinician meets a client, can inform the process of the session.

The latest research shows that our ability to be aware of our bodies impacts how we process sensations and memories, and how we heal from traumatic events. When we have intolerable sensations such as gut wrench and heartache, our heart races, our breathing becomes shallow, our abilities to track time, be present and process language become diminished. The nervous system gets overwhelmed, the body gets so aroused and reactive that the calm and relaxed state needed for healing and connection is difficult to imagine, let alone reach.

Verbally-oriented therapists may wonder how this knowledge can be applied to bring an embodied orientation into clinical practice. How does the therapist help a client learn to calm down their nervous system and become able to tolerate what they feel and notice about themselves? There is no way to teach or guide someone else in attuned self-awareness if you are not able to get into that state yourself.

As therapists, our own body awareness is an important barometer to track the states of both our clients and us within each session. In this workshop, Licia guides discovery through meditation, movement, theater exercises and play to show how this awareness affects the therapeutic container–safety and ability to be present with what emerges within the session. Based on the upcoming book, The Body Keeps the Score Workbook, this program offers an array of non-verbal, experiential exercises drawn from theater, guided focusing, dance, meditation, yoga, bodywork, and Embodied Voice.

August 12-16, 2019

Conscious Leadership: A Unified Model of Leadership Development

Cape Cod Institute


Consciousness and performance—personal, organizational, and systemic—are fundamentally connected. The organization will be structured and perform at the predominant level of consciousness of its leadership. If we want higher-order performance, individually and organizationally, consciousness must be restructured.

This workshop will provide a powerful leadership development experience for both those seeking to improve their own organizations and those serving clients as organizational development consultants, coaches, and therapists. It will introduce you to a unified model of leadership that integrates most of the best theory and research to emerge over the past 50 years in the fields of leadership, psychology, human potential, and even spirituality. At the core of this model are the Stages of Adult Development frameworks that are just now finding their way into our approaches to leadership effectiveness.

The workshop will include a self-assessment using the Leadership Circle Profile, which provides personal insight through the lens of the Unified Model. It will introduce five leadership practices (listed in the outline below) that will reliably boot up higher-level leadership.

August 14-16, 2019

Creating a Culture of Mindfulness at Work: Consultants & Coaches Retreat

Mindful Leader

Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY

This unconference style retreat is presented by Mindful Leader and the Garrison Institute. We will dive deep into the day-to-day realities of consulting & coaching for successful implementations of mindfulness-based programs. The format will be highly participatory, borrowing much from the unconference framework (open space technologies). We will come together to build supportive relationships with peers and share best practices. Throughout the weekend, there will also be ample opportunities for yoga, walking in nature, communal vegetarian meals, & meditation.

August 25-28, 2019

Masterclass: Systemic Intelligence and Constellations in Organisational Systems


Breakthrough Method to Transform Organizations and Improve Performance

In this 4-day forum we are applying the foundational principles and systemic intelligence from organizational and family constellation work, in combination with different fields of work – energy and force field mapping, somatics coaching, trauma in organizations – to find the levers to debottleneck organizational dynamics and support leaders to navigate in their complexity.

July 18-21 2019

The Art of Hosting with Next Stage Organizing

Art of Hosting

Ehrenhausen an der Weinstrasse, Austria

The first full day of this seminar will bring the Art of Hosting and Next Stage Organizing principles together. The four-fold hosting practice in four stages of maturity, from apprentice to artistry in all its dimensions. The value of an observatory as the fifth practice. The guiding principles of evolutionary purpose, self-management and wholeness in Next Stage Organizing. What all that means in your contexts. Working with your specific situations.