Featured Mobius Practitioners: Erica Ariel Fox

“Ideal leaders today blend traditional business strengths with more human qualities, like authenticity and compassion for others. Most importantly they have curiosity about what drives them. Self-awareness is now a central driver of success. A self-aware leader helps an organization be more self-aware so there’s a huge multiplier effect.”

Erica Ariel Fox has dedicated her professional life to senior leadership development. As the co-founder and Chief Thought Leader of Mobius Executive Leadership, she is a globally recognized innovator in advising C-suite executives, known for her exceptional track of transforming senior leadership potential into CEO leadership capacity.

Her book, Winning From Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change, was a New York Times bestseller, and her writing has been published in Forbes, Bloomberg, the Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, McKinsey Quarterly, and as an Influencer in LinkedIn, Erica has over 150,000 followers.

Erica has spent more than twenty years teaching negotiation at Harvard Law School. In her many years research developing the Winning from Within™ transformational methodology, Erica’s aim was to examine the disconnect between what we know we should do and what we actually do. No matter how many leadership tools, models, or skills we learn, we cannot truly be effective as leaders if we are not aligned with ourselves. Without self-awareness and self-leadership, too often we sabotage our good intentions without ever understanding why. Erica helps senior leaders shift core mindsets and behaviors to open new avenues of possibility. Her research and teaching combine timeless wisdom, depth psychology, neuroscience, and contemplative practices with practical problem-solving business tools.

Erica has taught all around the globe, including in Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Latin America, all over Europe and the UK, and throughout the United States and Canada. She received her undergraduate degree with honors from Princeton University, and her law degree with honors from Harvard Law School, where she has taught since 1996.

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