Executive Development Programs

At the outset, our partnership will focus on three capstone executive development programs: the Executive Breakthrough Program, the Executive Discovery Program and the Voyager Leadership Development Program described in greater detail below.

Mobius and Egon Zehnder have co-created this suite of programs to help leaders make a true paradigm shift in their leadership approach. The programs bring together the distinctive expertise of each of our firms for assessing and unlocking full potential.

Based on highly experiential learning techniques and focused on personal growth and professional excellence these programs share the common framework based on Winning from Within: A Breakthrough Method of Leading, Living and Lasting Change by Erica Ariel Fox and the work of Egon Zehnder on potential and identity.


Egon Zehnder’s Ricardo Sunderland spoke with American mathematician and computer scientist DJ Patil, former Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy, on his EBP experience.

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Winning from Within: A Breakthrough Method of Leading, Living and Lasting Change

“The Exercises take the
theory into practice.
It made it click for me…

-Program Participant

We offer you three different journeys to world-changing leadership:

Executive Breakthrough Program

Executive Breakthrough is exclusively for serving CEOs and CEO successors

The highly acclaimed, year-long, bespoke transformational development journey for global CEOs and successors that helps the executive become the leader they are meant to be (by invitation only).

Executive Discovery Program

Executive Discovery is exclusively for serving C-suite leaders and high potentials

A nine-month experiential, personalized development program to help aspiring CEOs and C-suite executives realize their potential as next generation leaders (by invitation only).

Voyager Leadership Development Program

Voyager Leadership Development Program is an in-house intensive customized for your organization

An in-house development journey for individuals and cohort groups to develop self-awareness, potential and cultural impact.