VW’s Losing Mindset About Winning

Leading wisely and living well requires a different understanding of what it means to win. A mindset that says successful leaders tap into something bigger than themselves, and take honorable action that considers the common good.

Where Government Fails, Business Steps In

Around the world an amazing phenomenon is taking hold: where government fails, business is taking over. Indeed, as the world seems to be falling apart, groups of business leaders are organizing as watchdogs and taking action for the common good.

Do the Right Thing: Leadership and Moral Courage

In business, we often think of leadership as a set of skills. Innovating products. Managing risk. Developing talent. Cutting costs. Inspiring employees. But Monday, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley reminded us of the essential driver behind great leadership, beyond all of those important skill-sets. Moral courage.

Sex and the Working Girl

With the worldwide cinema release of Fifty Shades of Grey just days away, I find my mind turning over and over on questions about women, sex, and work.

Is “Never Offline” Good for Business, or Life?

The expectation of being connected around the clock is now a given of corporate life. Conference call invites, meeting requests, project updates, iterations of the latest Power Point deck. Yet the “Never Offline” notion misses a crucial point. Only the people who can manage this relentless onslaught of digital distractions will succeed, today or in the future.