Artistic Partners

We believe that aesthetic intelligence, creative expression and emotional elevation are all rich sourc-es of embodiment, engagement and inspiration for creating thriving organizational cultures.

As such Mobius is honored to partner with poet David Whyte, transformational artist Yehudit Saspor-tas and Autumn Salon to bring inspiration, beauty and soulfulness into the World. We work with our clients to include elements of the arts in leadership programming and encourage our global alumni network to explore the offerings of these remarkable artists.

Studio Sasportas

Mobius is also deeply proud of its partnership with Studio Sasportas and its support for the Liquid Dessert Project by rising Israeli artist Yehudit Sasportas More >>

Autumn Salon

Mobius is proud of its alliance partnership with Autumn Salon, providing evening salon offerings in London, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles that bring together the worlds of music poetry dance and fashion for inspiration and reverie. More>>

David Whyte

David Whyte, Associate Fellow at Mobius , PLACE SHORT BIO HERE (Place his books below)

Three Sundays series’ to the NPI page. Here are links to our two upcoming events: & live.

Two, the marketing text for his future excursions (we can discuss this week where to place them). These are walking tours that he leads in the Summers. I think they are akin to a wider section on Autunm Salon and perhaps Yehudit Liquid Dessert so lets think about how we portray all that.
More >>