“Mobius’ Next Practice Institute is an opportunity to connect to a truly world-class community of practitioners and the Summer Immersion allows you to do that in a single setting over a single period of time. I know of no other event like it. Itallows you to move into the cutting edge of our discipline in a single, concentrated point of time. Uniquely, the event is both a wonderful opportunity for senior executives focusing on leadership development who want to go deep and for leadership practi- tioners to stay at the cutting edge of their eld.”

Zafer Achi

Senior Advisor, Leadership Coach and Facilitator

“I came to NPI expecting to dive deeply into a learning col- lective.We did that and so much more.The experiential work melded with plenary presentations, forming a profound and in- tegrated whole. I feel personally transformed by the experience and will hold the wisdom in my client work and all that I do.”

Catherine Mulhally

President CMC Group

“The way this environment here at NPI has been designed has all the elements that produce really excellent outcomes on all three levels: on the individual level, the community level and the practitioner – the taking it out to the world – level. It’s a wonderful ow between immersion into the content, enriching and enlivening conversations and then re ection time. It’s a wonderful blend.And joy! And energetic practice. It has it all!”

Andrea Zintz

President of Strategic Leadership Resources

“This is the new home for professional community. For those of us practising in this way, this is the IT. NPI is the container for professional community that we’ve all been longing for and that we all need to create a new generation of practitioners.”

Emily Gould

Mediator and Resolution Consultant

“It was an amazing week to re-connect to a dear community, get to the pulse of the latest and greatest research in the field of transformation, neuro-science, and culture, and in the Somatics coaching track to deepen my learning about my body and emotions as well as playing with my coaching skills. I leave refreshed, full of new ideas and deeply grateful.”

Anja Lindau

Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company, Berlin

“In Japan they have people who national treasures. Being here at NPI this week is like being with national treasures, the faculty and speakers are masters ...These people are national treasures. It’s just wonderful to learn from them.”

Kirstan Marnane

Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company, London