Keynotes 2017

Working with Different Parts of Ourselves Full length Preview Dr. Richard Schwartz Therapist, Creator of Internal Family Systems Working with Different Parts of Ourselves
Evolution of Senior Leaders Full length Preview Bob Anderson Author, Founder and CEO of the Leadership Circle Evolution of Senior Leaders
Shakti Leadership Full length Preview Nilima Bhat Author, Transformational Facilitator Shakti Leadership
Collaborating with the Enemy Full length Preview Adam Kahane Leading Systems Thinker, Peace Negotiator, Director of Reos Partners Collaborating with the Enemy
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Tony Schwartz Author, Founder and CEO of The Energy Project The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working
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Linda Hill Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and chair of the Leadership Initiative. Leading Innovation

Keynotes 2016

Reading Room

Adam Kahane

2017 Faculty

Adam Kahane, Director of Reos Partners, is the author of Solving Tough Problems, a best-seller of which Nelson Mandela said, “This breakthrough book addresses the central challenge of our time: finding a way to work together to solve problems we have created.” We will be celebrating the launch of Adam’s latest book published just in time for the Summer Gathering.

To learn more about Adam’s work:

Alexander Caillet

2017, 2016 Faculty

Alexander Caillet is an organizational psychologist, consultant, and coach. Known internationally for his pioneering approach to team coaching, his work has spanned more than 30 countries. In addition to his work with individuals and teams, his extensive background in management consulting includes organizational redesign and restructurings, post-merger integrations, functional shared services, continuous improvement programs, business turnarounds, team-based structures, change leadership programs, and culture change initiatives.

To learn more about Alexander’s work

Amy C. Edmondson

2016 Faculty

Amy C. Edmondson is a Mobius Senior Expert, the Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and author of Teaming. Amy is considered a seminal thinker in the domain of psychological safety in organizations and on the work of teams in driving innovation. She advises senior leaders in both the private and public sectors with a strong focus on health care institutions.

To learn more about Amy’s work

Bob Anderson

2017 Faculty

Bob Anderson is the creator of the cutting-edge assessment The Leadership Circle Profile. He serves as faculty for the Executive Education Center at the University of Notre Dame, he is also the co-author of Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results.

To learn more about Bob’s work:

  • Read Bob’s article in the Mobius Strip on problem-reacting versus outcome-creating 
  • Scroll to the top of this page to watch Bob Anderson’s session at the 2017 Annual Gathering. Not only an invaluable overview for everyone interested in using the LCP to assess leaders, but on a broader level, this is a wonderfully accessible introduction to the adaptive challenges facing each of us today and the primary mindset shifts we must make to address these. 
  • Visit The Leadership Circle website to learn more about The Leadership Circle Profile, to find out how to get certified to administer the tool and for white papers and more
  • Go to the book’s promotional website to download a free chapter

David Whyte

2017 Faculty

David Whyte is an internationally acclaimed poet, author and speaker. An Associate Fellow of Said Business School at the University of Oxford, he is widely recognized for his compelling talks and ground breaking work on Conversational Leadership.

To learn more about David’s work:

  • David’s official site offers a treasure trove: beautiful imagery, a selection of poetry, the complete list of his books, information about his walking tours and audio recordings
  • Read David’s essay and a selection of his poetry featured throughout the Spring 2017 Mobius Strip

Dick Schwartz

2017 Faculty

Dr. Richard Schwartz developed the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach. He is the co-author of the most widely used family therapy text in the United States.

To learn more about Dick’s work:

  • Read Dick’s article in the Mobius Strip on the IFS model  
  •  Watch the 7 minute teaser video of Dick Schwartz’s session at the 2017 Annual Gathering and the full keynote (57 minutes) which offers a wonderful encapsulation of how the model came about, more on the different parts of ourselves, the nature of the self-led person and a guided exercise for working with your inner critic to have it stand back.
  • Visit the Center for Self Leadership for more information about Internal Family Systems including white papers and training opportunities

Erica Ariel Fox

2017, 2016 Faculty

Erica Ariel Fox is the Co-founder and President of Mobius Executive Leadership and Lecturer on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. An internationally-recognized master leadership expert, she is the author of the New York Times bestseller Winning from Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change. She combines the intellectual rigor from two decades of teaching at Harvard Law School with the perception of a finely-attuned Intuitive.

To learn more about Erica’s work:

Jennifer Cohen

2017, 2016 Faculty

Jennifer Cohen is a Mobius Senior Expert, a leadership and organizational coach and consultant who brings Mobius over 25 years experience coaching individuals and groups. Jennifer is also the founder of Seven Stone Leadership Group and is certified as a Master Somatic Coach by the Strozzi Institute for Learning and Mastery where she studied for more than a decade.

To learn more about Jennifer’s work

Jennifer Garvey-Berger

2016 Faculty

Jennifer Garvey Berger is a Mobius Senior Expert and a globally renowned expert in complexity leadership and adult development. She is the founder of Cultivating Leadership, the author of Changing on the Job: Developing Leaders for a Complex World and co-author of Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders.

To learn more about Jennifer’s work

  • In this short video, Jennifer introduces the stages of adult and leadership development: from socialized mind to self-authored and self-transforming mind. To watch, click here
  • For more, watch Jennifer’s keynote during the 2016 NPI where she discusses cultivating wisdom across the stages of adult development
  • Visit Cultivating Leadership for Jennifer’s blog, white papers, videos and podcasts
  • Read an excerpt from Simple Habits for Complex Times in the Mobius Strip

Linda Hill

2017 Faculty

Linda A. Hill is the Wallace Brett Donham Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and co-author of Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation. She is the faculty chair of the Leadership Initiative and has chaired numerous HBS Executive Education programs, including the Young Presidents’ Organization Presidents’ Seminar and the High Potentials Leadership Program.

To learn more about Linda’s work:

  • Visit where you can access an excerpt from the book and Linda’s TED talk
  • Read an excerpt from Linda’s book on Collective Genius in the 2017 Mobius Strip 

Nilima Bhat

2017 Faculty

Nilima Bhat is a leading transformational facilitator helping individuals and organizations in their quest for conscious evolution. Along with Raj Sisodia, she is the co-author of Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business.

To learn more about Nilima’s work:

  • Read excerpts from Shakti Leadership in the Mobius Strip, 2017 and 2016  
  • Watch the teaser video of Nilima’s talk at the 2017 Annual Gathering and the full keynote (50 minutes) where she gives us an inspired tour through the big ideas behind Shakti Leadership including the masculine and feminine polarities and how these relate to four basic archetypes operating within each of us.
  • Consider enrolling in the Shakti Leadership Advanced Leadership Program for Women to Unlock The Source for True Leadership. Certified in partnership with the University of San Diego. The 2018 program commences in June, lasting nine months, with biweekly video classes, one week-long residential and optional pilgrimages to India and Turkey. Learn more.

Otto Scharmer

2016 Faculty

Otto Scharmer is a Mobius Senior Expert, Senior Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and co-founder of the Presencing Institute. At the inaugural Next Practice Institute he shared his transformational efforts linking business, self and society and his pioneering work driving profound systems innovation “from the emerging future”. Dr. Scharmer has written several seminal books including Leading From the Emerging Future, Theory U, and Presence.

To learn more about Otto’s work

  • Watch Otto’s keynote during the 2016 NPI Leading from the Emerging Future
  • Visit his website for a wealth of resources including more information about his current projects, Otto’s blog and a publication list of podcasts, books, articles and more.

Robert Gass

2017, 2016 Faculty

For over 30 years, Robert Gass, Ed.D, a Mobius Senior Expert, has been known for pioneering work in leadership development and organizational transformation. Holding a doctorate in Organizational Psychology from Harvard, Robert’s work synthesizes a diverse background in social change, humanistic psychology, organizational behavior, the arts and spirituality. Robert and his wife and life partner of 45 years, Judith Ansara, have for many years led retreats for committed couples. He is also a well-known recording artist and performing musician specializing in sacred chant.

To learn more about Robert and Judith’s work

Sander Tideman

2017 Faculty

Sander Tideman LLM is a Mobius Senior Expert specializing in leadership development and sustainable business. He is Managing Director of Mind & Life Europe, Senior Researcher at Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and co-founder of Flow Foundation & Impact Fund. He is the author of the recent book, Business as an Instrument for Societal Change: In Conversation with the Dalai Lama.

To learn more about Sander’s work:

  • Visit his website for a complete list of Sander’s publications, blogs and a selection of downloadable white papers
  • Read an excerpt of his book Business as an Instrument or Societal Change: In Conversation with the Dalai Lama in the Mobius Strip

Srinivasan Pillay

2016 Faculty

Dr. Srinivasan Pillay is a Mobius Senior Expert, author of Your Brain and Business, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Pillay’s teaching combines the latest findings in brain science with his own study of consciousness and the art of manifestation.

To learn more about Srini’s work

Thomas Huebl

2017, 2016 Faculty

Thomas Huebl is a rare guide: a masterful mystic able to navigate advanced realms of spiritual mastery while presenting himself in a delightfully warm, transparent, brotherly way. He is the best of 21st-century enlightenment.

To learn more about Thomas’s work:

  • Visit Thomas’ official website where there is a wealth of resources including online courses, free audio and video content, downloadable meditations and more information about Thomas’ projects around the world
  • Watch the wonderful discussion between Thomas and the Poet David Whyte recorded at the 2017 Annual Gathering
  • Read some of Thomas’ writing, Working with Collective Trauma in the Mobius Strip

Tony Schwartz

2017 Faculty

Tony Schwartz is a Mobius Senior Expert and the CEO and founder of The Energy Project, which helps companies sustain high performance. He co-authored The Power of Full Engagement, now translated into 28 languages. His latest book, The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, has also gone on to be a New York Times and WSJ bestseller.

To learn more about Tony’s work:

  • Visit where you can sign up for the blog, watch a series of videos encapsulating the key ideas and download case studies
  • Read Tony’s article in the Mobius Strip

Zafer Achi

2016 Faculty

Zafer Achi is a Mobius Senior Expert, a developmental leadership coach, and a former Director in the Organization Practice of McKinsey & Company. In his keynote he distilled the lessons he learned in his thirty years of experience as a practitioner and advisor to large public- and private-sector transformations around the world.

To learn more about Zafer’s work

  • In this 11 minute video Zafer discusses the three insights he learnt the hard way about how to approach complexity. To watch, click here
  • For more, watch Zafer’s keynote during the 2016 NPI, a very informed  encapsulation of how to work with and embrace complexity
  • Read the McKinsey Quarterly article “Delighting in the Possible”, co-written with Jennifer Garvey Berger