Praxis You

Daniel Goleman (More Than Sound) and visiting instructors


This year, More Than Sound will launch the beta version of Praxis You, an online learning platform for personal and professional development. You’ll have the unique chance to connect with a bevy of experts in leadership, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness through well-rounded, practical, and engaging courses. How it Works: Our one-of-a-kind learning sessions are designed to help you harness the knowledge necessary to achieve your full potential. The content includes the latest research, real-life experiences, relevant guidance, and proven-effective tools.

Instructors include: Daniel Goleman, Joseph Grenny, Elad Levinson, Mirabai Bush, and many others.



Uncovering Happiness Symposium with Elisha Goldstein

Udemy, Elisha Goldstein


In the past 15 years cutting-edge innovations in neuroscience have led to one of the most powerful insights in human history…that within each and every one of us there are natural biological potentials for real happiness. In this course, you will learn how to harness your brain’s own natural anti-depressants and uncover your true potential for joy. Led by Elisha Goldstein, PhD

October 23 - 24, 2018

Applied Organizational Learning for Business Results (Blended Learning)

Society for Organizational Learning

Beverly, MA

The vision of a Learning Organization is appealing, even inspiring. Yet day-to-day life in our organizations is so different. What would it take to close the gap? What capacities do we need? How can we get them? What can I do to make a real difference in my organization? And how do I continue my own personal transformation? Adopt a more productive stance? Make a shift in my automatic responses? In this highly interactive blended learning program you will learn the tools and methods, and practice the skills for building learning organizations and apply them within your unique business, organizational and personal context.

August 14-17, 2018

Executive Champions’ Workshop

Society for Organizational Learning

Stowe, Vermont

The Executive Champions’ Workshop (ECW) has thrived over the years because of a growing desire amongst senior leaders from diverse organizations around the world to engage in deeper dialogue with peers who share their aspirations and face similar challenges. With its distinguished participants, this program has consistently created a distinctive space for deep reflection and conversation around questions that matter. The 2016 theme was “Exploring the Connection between Leading Self and Leading Others for Systems Change and Innovation.” The ECW is not a training session. Nor is it a typical conference. It is both personal and substantive in the way that only deep conversation among peers can be. Offered in collaboration with the Presencing Institute, the Executive Champions’ Workshop (ECW) is a special setting for nurturing new thinking and relationships among executive leaders in today’s rapidly changing economic and social landscape. Offered by invitation for executives who are champions of change, the ECW is a unique opportunity to reflect, refocus, and recharge. Facilitated by Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer.


Embodied Living Podcasts

Deirdre Fay


Embodied Podcasts are designed to give you an experience of living inside your skin. For many people in our day and edge that’s a foreign concept. When there’s been trauma and attachment wounding it is even more complicated.  Led by Deirdre Fay, a former supervisor at The Trauma Center; former trainer for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute trainer; certified Internal Family Systems; and qualified trainer in Mindful Self-Compassion, she is the originator of the Becoming Safely Embodied skills used throughout the world.

August 15-20, 2018

The Art of Leadership

Social Transformation Project

Hollyhock Centre, Cortes Island, BC, Canada

Are you committed to making a difference in the world? In social change, socially responsible business, education, politics, or the arts? Learn to empower and engage others in effective action to broaden the impact of your work together. Come participate in an intensive process of discovering how who you are impacts the results you create.

This internationally acclaimed program includes training in:
• visionary leadership
• personal mastery (managing your own state of being)
• courageous conversations
• building effective partnerships and high-performing teams
• personal ecology (self-care)

Thousands of non-profit and for-profit leaders have benefited from this unique integration of profound and practical leadership training blending deep inner transformation with immediate, useful application to everyday work priorities.


Break Through to Yes with Collaboration Podcast By David B. Savage

David Savage

Today, our world, our nations, our communities, our families, our organizations and our planet are faced with increasingly complex challenges that present massive potential risks. We are also at a time in human history where we are more educated and connected, and have resources available like never before to access for our advantage. Seize this opportunity to join a movement of progressive, principled and successful leaders. Working together is a key strategic advantage for those leaders and organizations that build a culture of collaboration. In this program and in the book, Savage brings expertise for collaborative leaders. Now is our time to lead more powerfully, consciously and collaboratively in ways that make our world a better place today and in the future. Leaders in companies will make this essential shift now. Engage with David B. Savage on Break Through To Yes with Collaboration on Voice America Business! Listen Every Thursday at 3 pm Pacific Time.


The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

The Psychology Podcast

The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman  gives you insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity. Each episode features a guest who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of your self, others, and the world we live in. Former guests of the show include Dr. Daniel Siegel, Brené Brown and Charles Duhigg.


McKinsey Podcast

McKinsey & Company

The McKinsey Podcast takes you inside the global firm, and features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in business and management. Topics covered in this series include strategy, technology, leadership, marketing, operations, organization, and the role of business in society.

October 18-19, 2018

Step 2: Cultivating Sustainable Abundance

Seven Stones Leadership Group

Ashland, MA

You will learn to use cutting edge and exciting distinctions and practices that will allow your clients, teams, faith communities and students to: Break free from the ‘reverie of lack’—lack of time / money / resources / talent / attention / love that pervades the atmosphere of our lives and our enterprises. So people can: Thrive / Trust / Generate great prosperity of all kinds / Become sustained and sustainable in how they live and work / Love fiercely and boldly / Be here NOW

May 14-18, 2018

MWI Forty-Hour Mediation Training


Boston, MA

MWI’s Forty-Hour Weekday Mediation Training is designed to prepare managers, executives, lawyers and other professionals how to become a mediator and to effectively facilitate the mediation process. This comprehensive five-day skill-building program utilizes lectures, demonstrations, interactive exercises, supervised role-plays, and group discussions to prepare participants to lead the mediation process. MWI’s mediation trainings meet the training requirement outlined in the Massachusetts Confidentiality Statute (MGL ch233 sec 23C) and Rule 8(c)(i) of the MA Supreme Judicial Court’s Uniform Rules on Dispute Resolution.

Multiple Dates

Nine Month Group Coaching Program

Seven Stones Leadership & Den Besten Group

Concord, MA

Over a nine-month period, you will: Receive a custom coaching plan tailored to you that allows for personal commitments and learning goals; Experience at least two one-on-one coaching sessions to define individual coaching goals and to create a custom coaching plan; Engage in a minimum of eight in-person group coaching sessions approximately every four weeks; Team up with a learning partner/committed listener for conversations and work in between the meetings. In, addition to the above, there will be three conference calls where you will all convene for extended learning

Program Schedule Session one: May 18th, 10-12pm Session two: June 22nd, 10-12pm Session three: July 13th, 10-12pm Session four: August 3rd Session five: September 7th Session six: October 5th Session seven: November 2nd Session eight: November 30th Session nine: December 14th Session ten: January 25th Note: Enrollment closes May 1, 2017

Multiple Dates


Corporate Evolution

Multiple Locations Worldwide

Corporate Evolution is a Leader in the area of Values and Organisational Transformation.

The Inspired Leader Journey™ is a series of programs to transform leadership through the lens of Values and Purpose.  Inspired leaders are Purpose-led and values-driven, making extraordinary impact in their work, their families, their communities and in society.

It is based on the latest leadership research; an integration of Barrett 7 levels of Consciousness, Kegan’s Adult Stages of Development, The Leadership Circle and Presencing Institute’s Theory U.

25-27 September II 15-18 October 2018

Action Inquiry and the Global Leadership Profile Workshop

Global Leadership Associates

London UK & Boston, MA

Action Inquiry and the Global Leadership Profile Workshop is a 3-day workshop (plus pre-course debrief) for business leaders, consultants, coaches, researchers, and sustainability practitioners who wish to further their personal development and learn about the power and practice of Collaborative Developmental Acton Inquiry—the only approach statistically confirmed as reliably generating both personal and organizational transformation.

20-29 April 2018

10-Day Energy Mastery Program

The Next Practice Institute of Mobius Executive Leadership

Warren Conference Center, Ashland, MA

Many people confuse masculine and feminine polarities with being male or female. People often lack an understanding of how to be with, and engage the energetics of these potent polarities, both within themselves and in relationships. In this deeply experiential retreat, we will be practicing and learning skills that you can immediately use in your daily lives and work.

We’ll start with Lynda’s unique method of teaching “energetic basics”: skills that help you be present with yourself and others and “hold your own space.” You’ll then be diving into the nuance of feminine and masculine energy, first for yourself internally; and then extending those skills to the world around you, enhancing your relationships and interactions with clients, organizations, fellow practitioners, as well as partners, friends and family. You’ll gain feeling more at Home in yourself and walking more easily through your world. No matter how familiar you are with energy work, you will enlarge your skill set in this course.

This program is designed for those who have already done extensive psycho-spiritual work and are now prepared to enter a sincere and intent study of the Unmanifest and Invisible realms and subtle energetic principles of the Universe and to cultivate a mature holding of their own Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects.

Multiple Dates

Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification

The Leadership Circle

US & Canada

The Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification is three days packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief The Leadership Circle assessments. Over the last decade, The Leadership Circle has risen to the top tier of leadership assessments, and is preferred by executive and leadership development professionals worldwide. In the session you will gain in-depth knowledge about the Universal Model of Leadership and the stage of development frameworks upon which the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° (LCP) is built. Our unique integration of psychological, leadership and development theory will provide you with transformational insight to help your clients increase their leadership effectiveness. You’ll also learn a proven method for debriefing the Profile, and practice with others to develop the skills and confidence to successfully use the Profile immediately after certification.

Multiples Dates

Collective Leadership™ Certification

The Leadership Circle

US & Canada

In this one-day experiential program, you’ll learn how to use the Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) to provide senior leaders with feedback/insight regarding their collective impact. LCS is based on the integrated Leadership Circle framework, and measures leaders’ perception of their current leadership culture and compares/contrasts it with their own description of the ideal culture necessary for strategic and organization success. A detailed gap analysis shows specific, actionable areas for improvement. Additionally, though already certified to use the Leadership Circle Profile Group Report, you will deepen your knowledge on how to use the Group Report with leadership teams. The Group Report provides another look at the team’s collective effectiveness by aggregating all of their individual Profiles. Customizable meeting designs for using the LCS and the LCP Group Report will be shared. Completion of Leadership Circle Profile Certification is required before attending this program.


The Way We Work Podcast

Tony Schwartz, Founder and CEO of the The Energy Project

Get ready to revolutionize the way you work and live. Learn how to be healthier, happier, more focused, and more productive than ever before. In “The Way We Work,” we explore groundbreaking insights from neuroscience, physiology, psychology, and perennial philosophy to provide you with new tools to address the human performance challenges standing in the way of solving your most critical business problems. Founder and CEO of The Energy Project, Tony Schwartz shares how he started his journey in uncovering what it means to lead a full life. With this wisdom, he created a framework for people to become fully fueled and meet each of their core energy needs. Tony is a bestselling author, human performance expert, and lifetime learner.

May 14–16 | June 18–20 2018

Negotiation and Leadership

Program on Negotation, Harvard Law School

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Negotiation and Leadership distills cutting-edge research and real-world examples into three days of targeted executive education negotiation training. At Negotiation and Leadership, you will test your beliefs and assumptions, overcome emotional and rational biases, examine complex negotiation scenarios, and discover a range of competitive and cooperative, integrative negotiation strategies.


8-11 November 2018

International Symposium for Contemplative Research

Mind & Life Institute

Phoenix, Arizona

The biennial Mind & Life International Symposium for Contemplative Research (ISCR) is the flagship academic conference for transdisciplinary investigations of the mind and contemplative practice, welcoming all people who seek guidance in applying contemplative practice in their work and communities.

2018 March | September

The Exceptional Organisational Coach


Wiltshire, UK

Participants of this programme must have attended the Level 1 programme ‘The DNA of Exceptional Communication’ or the Kantor-Dialogix programme ‘Making Change Happen’. The combination of Dialogue and Structural Dynamics proves particularly powerful in providing a lens though which to look at and assess what is happening within an organisation as a whole. This programme is for those who want to become skilled in entering an organisation and being able to identify, understand and act upon what is happening at a systemic level. This means being equipped to map behaviours and archetypes and understand how they show up at particular interfaces. The exceptional organisational coach is skilled in designing system-wide interventions which effect sustainable behavioural change – often in challenging environments.


Work and Life with Stew Friedman Podcast

Work and Life

Welcome to Work and Life with Stew Friedman, international speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning professor at The Wharton School who founded its Work/Life Integration Project and the Total Leadership approach.

On this podcast Stew talks with experts about how to cultivate harmony between work and the rest of your life — your family, community, and private self (mind, body, and spirit). These conversations were broadcast on the Work and Life show on SiriusXM 111, Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School, which airs on Tuesdays at 7 PM Eastern.

June 9-15, Aug 4-12

Basic Facilitator Training

Shadow Work

Multiple Locations

This is an invitation to learn about the essential Shadow Work® facilitation skills and how to use them for yourself, your family, and in your community. The process we invite you to join will be intense, enjoyable and practical and will take you behind the scenes so that you can understand the thinking we employ while facilitating.

Shadow Work® provides powerful tools for bringing out of the shadow and into the light whatever parts of yourself you have split off, repressed, denied, or disowned. In this way, you have more capacity, balance, and choice with which to live your life. Our desire is that you will discover how to use the power of ritual space to use these tools for doing that consistently with yourself and others. The scope of what you can expect to get out of this training is enormous.

October 21-26, 2018

The Next Practice Institute

Mobius Executive Leadership

Babson Executive Conference Center, Boston, MA

Mobius Executive Leadership is a consortium of practitioners across disciplines of business strategy, organizational development, psychology and the esoteric arts who come together to awaken leaders.

Through our client work we function as an active laboratory for developing what we call “next practice” working with mature leaders who are “whole brain” oriented, able to draw on a range of leadership capacities from analytic to intuitive. We are also creating a global network of practitioners interested in the lifting up of the human spirit in the service of the common good. To further these aspirations, we decided to launch the Next Practice Institute.

The Next Practice Institute will hold our client facing transformational offerings as well as our practitioner training programs and online professional education services.
Our focus on personal mastery derives from our belief that true transformation comes when individuals across a system or organization experience transformation first-hand at a deep personal level.

Our leadership programs combine best practices in negotiation, communication, team dynamics, organizational learning and adaptive leadership with “next practices” in dream work, somatics, voice dialogue, mindfulness and expressive arts such as theatre, pantomime, music, psychodrama, poetry and other experiential modalities for embedded adult learning.

Varying Dates and Times


The Leadership Circle

Different Locations

The Leadership Circle Profile™ Certification is three days packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief The Leadership Circle assessments. Over the last decade, The Leadership Circle has risen to the top tier of leadership assessments, and is preferred by executive and leadership development professionals worldwide.  In this session you will gain in-depth knowledge about the Universal Model of Leadership and the stage of development frameworks upon which the Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° (LCP) is built. Our unique integration of psychological, leadership and development theory will provide you with transformational insight to help your clients increase their leadership effectiveness.

June 17 – June 20, 2018

Masterclass: Systemic intelligence and constellation work in organizations


Breakthrough method to transform organisations and a profound impact on your own deeper dynamics, as a leader or transformational facilitator.

May 6-9, 2018

ATD International Conference & Exposition

Box of Crayons

San Diego, California

The ATD International Conference & Exposition is the largest event for talent development professionals worldwide. It will provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and solutions you need to effectively train and develop talent. You’ll gain insights into the latest trends, best practices, and new solutions for designing, delivering, implementing, and measuring learning programs.

ATD 2018 covers all industry subjects and provides in-depth guidance for what you need to know now to be successful. Come away with an outlook on what the future of talent development holds, and be prepared to address new challenges. When you reach your fullest potential, you can effectively develop the talent around you, giving your organization the ultimate competitive advantage—a workforce that is prepared to face the demands of today’s ever-changing business environment.

Jun/Jul 2018 to Mar/Apr 2019

The Shakti Fellowship

Conscious Leadership Academy

Unlocking the Source for True Leadership

Something is out of sync with the example of leadership today.

Feminine energy in leadership is largely absent from our professional lives; and introducing it could help companies become more balanced and integrated.

When women lead differently, something BIG happens.

If you are concerned that too many leaders, men and women alike, are buying into a notion of leadership that exclusively emphasizes traditionally ‘masculine’ qualities, win-at-all-costs and yearn for leadership that is balanced; this course is for you.

Like no other, this fellowship program reveals an archetype that is generative, cooperative, creative, inclusive, and empathic. While traditionally regarded as feminine qualities, we all have them! In the Indian yogic tradition, they are symbolic of Shakti, the energy source that powers all life.

June 28-29, 2018

SAVI Introductory Workshop

SAVI Communications


These two days are an Introduction to SAVI for those new to SAVI and for those who want more familiarity.

  • Find out why some conversations work and others get stuck
  • Discover ways to reduce “noise” in conversation, so the information can be heard and problems can be solved more easily
  • Learn new communication behaviors that help to consolidate a team, a group, a relationship or a company
  • Develop your “SAVI muscle” in an interactive workshop, in Dutch, with exercises, simulation and role plays

May 1-4, 2018

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT)

The Center for Appreciative Inquiry

Las Vegas, NV

Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training© (AIFT) engages participants to learn about the foundations of Appreciative Inquiry as well as the skills to facilitate inquiry sessions. At the end of this intensive Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator Training (AIFT), participants will understand how to guide organizations, groups, and communities to consciously and deliberately shift their collective way of being and seeing to an appreciative approach, that will help them focus on what’s right in their organization, group or community, rather than on what’s wrong.

This Appreciative Inquiry foundations course includes mini-lectures, and experiential learning (individual, pairs, trios, small group, and large group) as well as auditory and visual materials to enhance the learning experience. Each day has a morning and afternoon session; a morning and afternoon break; and one hour for lunch.

This training is designed for: Leaders in businesses and corporations, community development, educational organizations governmental organizations, and nonprofit organizations–in short, anyone who wants to learn how to facilitate Appreciative Inquiry.

Our objective: By focusing on the organization’s strengths, you can evolve into a true “center of excellence” while avoiding the risks and pitfalls associated with “reinventing” operational service, delivery and support. The refocus may include everything from reducing risk and long-term capital cost—by understanding what is and is not critical to the overall success of the organization—to refining and optimizing service levels through effective and efficient business solutions.

To enhance the outcomes and planning processes currently in place by using a strengths-based approach (Appreciative Inquiry). Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a highly adaptable philosophy and process for engaging people in building the organization and world that they want to work and live in. By encouraging a broad range of stakeholders, both within and outside the system to ask positive questions about peak experiences or successes, create shared meaning of the answers, and act on the responses. AI serves as a wellspring for transformational change.

September 24-28, 2018

The Foundation Course

Newfield Network

Boulder, Colorado

Gain a profound understanding of how human beings operate at the most fundamental levels and how we can change. Broaden your immediate reach in life for the sake of your personal growth and leadership skills.   Register for The Foundation Course   Location September 24 – 28, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. MT- Boulder, CO, US Facilitator Julio Olalla, Founder and President, and Veronica Paz Olalla Love, Chief Executive Officer

May 20-25, Sep 17-22, 2018

School Of Embodied Leadership

Strozzi Institute

Petaluma, CA

The School of Embodied Leadership is leadership in a living laboratory. It is not an academic exercise, but a rigorous training in mind, body and spirit. In this intensive training, you will be developing yourself as a leader, by learning to value, motivate and bring out the best in both yourself and the people with whom you work. This program will not only increase your self-confidence; you will find yourself experiencing greater endurance, strength, flexibility and agility. It will focus all your talents into purposeful action and you will create the capacity to produce valuable results.


OCTOBER 22-25, 2018

The Summit

Box of Crayons


A conference dedicated to elevating the conscious practice of leadership.

Kenote Speaker: Michael Bungay Stanier
Author — The Coaching Habit

Michael Bungay Stanier is the founder of Box of Crayons, a company best known for teaching 10-minute coaching so that busy managers can build stronger teams and get better results. On the way to founding Box of Crayons in 2002, Michael lived in Australia, England, the United States and Canada, his current home. He has written a number of books. His latest, the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Coaching Habit, has sold over 350,000 copies. It has been praised as one of the few business books that actually makes people laugh out loud.

Thu, May 31, 2018 at 9AM Pacific / 12PM Eastern

Three Counterintuitive Strategies to Build a Coaching Culture

Training Magazine Network

You want your managers and leaders to coach more. You know coaching is a foundational skill, one that drives both engagement and impact. When you have a successful coaching culture, teams are stronger, and results are better. But if you’re like most organizations, you’ve struggled to get your coaching culture to flourish. In this session, you’ll roll up your sleeves and blow up some of the old rules.

Drawing on 20 years of change management experience, Michael Bungay Stanier will lay out a practical way of understanding culture that identifies the key points of influence, share a simple way of talking about culture that makes change possible, and upend three typical ways of thinking about a coaching culture that actually hinder more than they help. You’ll leave with a plan to re-energize and reframe your coaching culture.

June 6-8, 2018

Master Class: Team Coaching Foundations

Institute of Coaching

Soho, New York City

Join coaching pioneer and global thought leader Professor David Clutterbuck for a 3 Day Master Class on the Fundamentals of Team Coaching. As Co-Founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, visiting professor of coaching and mentoring at three universities and author of over 70 books, David is at the forefront of team coach training. His book, Coaching the Team at Work stimulated the global movement for evidence-based team coaching nearly a decade ago. He is currently the lead editor of the team producing the first Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching. This is first time his Master Class will be offered in the U.S.

September 1-5, 2018

Contemplative Practice in Context: Culture, History, and Science

Mind & Life Institute

Myōshin-ji Temple • Kyoto, Japan

As the “cultural heart of Japan,” Kyoto is home to longstanding traditions of contemplative practice, philosophy, and scientific research. Inspired by this setting, and its location at the Zen temple complex Myōshin-ji, the theme for this first Mind & Life International Research Institute is Contemplative Practice in Context: Culture, History, and Science. This five-day immersive program brings together leading scholars in the sciences and humanities, contemplatives, and artists to examine contemplative epistemologies within a variety of contexts. Plenary faculty presentations will consider how contextual forces that include culture, environment, history, and worldviews effect contemplative practices as well as research on meditation. Neuroscientists and psychologists will describe recent research on the science of meditation, and humanists and social scientists will explore secular and cultural adaptations of meditation, including the history of mindfulness, theories of Buddhist meditation, and the emergence of contemplative studies as an academic field. Presentations will give special attention to the contemplative and intellectual culture of Japan over the centuries, including presentations on the history of Zen Buddhism, the Kyoto School of philosophy, and Japanese contemplative arts. Daily guided meditation sessions and small group breakouts led by faculty will complement the interdisciplinary dialogue of the program.

July 14-21, 2018


Lama Surya Das

Garrison Institute, 14 Mary's Way, Garrison, NY 10524

The Natural Great Awakening

As Lama Surya Das reminds us, we are all Buddhas by nature–we only have to awaken and recognize who we are and how we fit perfectly in this world. This is the teaching of the innate Great Perfection–Dzogchen.

We invite you to join Dzogchen Lineage Holder, and best-selling author Lama Surya Das for our annual Summer Dzogchen Meditation Retreat at the Garrison Institute as we awaken to the joy of naturally-arising timeless awareness and discover the View, Meditation and Action of the Great Perfection: timeless and inspiring heart-essence instructions passed down in this contemplative tradition for many centuries. Introducing us to this natural wisdom and compassion is the life-work of Lama Surya Das.

This week long retreat will feature teachings by Lama Surya, including lively Q&A sessions. In addition to guided and silent meditations, dharma talks, heart-opening chanting and private interviews, uplifting Tibetan Energy Yoga is offered each morning.

Outside of the teaching hall, the precious gift of Noble Silence is observed, allowing us the peace and spaciousness to explore the mind, as well as to rest and retreat from the busyness of everyday life & chatter.

Multiple Dates

Organization & Systems Development Program

Gestalt Center

This program format provides an opportunity for individuals interested in the Gestalt Center’s world-class OSD training, developed over 35+ years, to undertake the experience in a weekend format, requiring minimum time away from work. The program includes 9 weekends, scheduled every other month and usually spanning two calendar years. Each weekend will include a Friday evening session, a full day on Saturday, and a Sunday morning session. Two of the weekends will begin earlier. The program provides individuals with the theory, concept, methodology, skills, and techniques for effectively intervening at the individual, two-person, group, and organizational levels of system. It offers individuals an opportunity to learn how to use the GestaltOSD perspective to develop themselves professionally, design interventions, and lead and manage change in the systems within which they live and work.

June 17, 2019 - June 20, 2019

Presence-Based Leadership: A Retreat for Coaches and Leaders

Growth Edge Coaching

Marshall, NC

In this retreat, we explore how complexity challenges our very identity, how the self organizes to defend that identity, and how embodied reactive behaviors often make things worse (albeit with the best of intentions!) We work in the present moment with interventions such as somatic practices and unconventional perspective shifts to build a self that can function with clarity and resilience in the midst of complexity and uncertainty.

This highly experiential workshop is for experienced and practicing coaches and leaders with a significant level of training and pragmatic experience under their belt. Pragmatism, application, and evidence-based practice provide the grounding for this leading edge synthesis. It is crucial that you are enlivened by experimenting and practicing on yourself.

We will work experientially with a new model that offers pragmatic coaching and leadership strategies focused on:

  • Distinguishing complex contexts from complicated and obvious contexts
  • Sensing habitual reactions to complexity through emotions, body, language and meaning-making
  • Resourcing the self by cultivating internal states of awareness and resilience
  • Developing action learning strategies for engaging with complexity
  • Working with multiple perspectives and integrative practices within the self and with clients.

September 26-28, 2018, November 14-16, 2018

Immunity to Change Facilitator’s Workshop

Minds at Work

Boston, MA

The Immunity to Change™ approach is specifically designed to help individuals, work teams, and organizations make those personal and collective changes that are most important to them– but have proven resistant even to thoughtful plans and heartfelt intentions. This three day workshop is the first step in deepening your knowledge and experience with ITC. Here, you will learn how to facilitate workshops using the ITC method to create powerful individual ITC maps and uncover the hidden immune system that prevents change.

Participants Will Learn

  • How to conduct an Immunity to Change workshop for groups or individuals in a way that fits with their own personal coaching style
  • The theoretical backbone behind ITC and cutting edge research and practices from Minds at Work
  • How to use The Facilitator’s Guide as a resource for further developing your skills
  • Ways to address typical challenges in conducting the workshop
  • All participants who complete the course will receive 20 credit hours from the International Coaching Federation.

May-June 2018, Sep-Nov 2018

Discovery Training

System Live

Italy, Belgium

The purpose of the Discovery training is to provide Coaches with the skills to use Systemic Constellations in their Coaching practice.

What are the features that make this training unique?

It offers an easier and more effective learning approach than traditional Constellations teaching methods.
It’s based on a learning methodology that makes it easier for you to use Systemic Constellations in your work.

  • It’s based on an original structured step-by step process, making the learning process easier while still being able to “enjoy the magic”.
  • It’s specifically for coaches, uses a non-directive approach and a clear distinction is made between Constellations in Coaching and Family Constellations.
  • It focuses on one-on-one Coaching, the most common context for professional Coaches.
  • It provides a learning imprint that’s useful for Coaches, from the simplest applications in one-on-one Coaching, moving towards higher complexity with teams and groups, so that you can quickly grow your confidence in using what you learn.
  • Learn how to use Constellations for a variety of topics related to different facets of organizationsteamworkrelationships and personal development.

Multiple Dates


Corporate Evolution

Multiple Locations Worldwide

Corporate Evolution has developed a globally renowned facilitator development program based on values.

The Facilitating Transformation through Values™ (FTV) program is a 15 day Forum-Field-Forum facilitator development program delivered over several months. By the end of the 3 Forums, participants will be able to deliver several 2-3 day top team/senior  leadership transformation programs from “The Inspired Leader: Leading from Values and Purpose” Series.  The aim is to assist leaders to become truly authentic and courageous in their leadership, leading from their unique sense of purpose.

The audience for this program are Leadership/Culture Change Agents, HR/OD Practitioners, Leaders, Consultants and Coaches.

The key aspect of this program is learning to become a “transformational facilitator”. We focus on two areas; how to access one’s “Being” to facilitate transformation and how to integrate the lens of values as an evolution of consciousness. It is based on the Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness and Adult Stages of Development frameworks and focuses on values as the key to transformation of leaders. Theory U is integrated as a transformational design methodology.

This program has been developed over a seven year period in collaboration with one of the largest management consultancies and their global clients. It is formally endorsed by The Barrett Values Centre as recommended to its values practitioners around the world.

September 5 - 7, 2018

Foundations for Leadership

Society for Organizational Learning

Ashland, Massachusetts

Deepen your capacity to lead effectively and learn how to create an adaptive, flexible learning organization. Explore what it takes to create an environment where leadership is a shared responsibility, naturally embedded in the fabric of an organization and community. This intensive, interactive, three-day program is based on the leadership development process described in The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge, identified as a seminal management book by Harvard Business Review. The essence of leadership concerns the capacity of a human community to shape its future. Foundations for Leadership delves into both the personal and inherently collective aspects of leadership. At the workshop, special attention is given to the domains of personal mastery, mental models, and systems thinking as they apply to leading and initiating meaningful change.

Multiple Dates 2018

Presencing Foundation Programs

Presencing Institue

Multiple Locations Worldwide

The Presencing Foundation Programme is a 4 day intensive introduction to concepts and practices of Theory U, a social technology for helping to bring about profound innovation and change. Theory U is being applied around the world by individuals, organisations and in multi-sector initiatives generating breakthrough possibilities around pressing organisational and societal issues.

The focus of this method is on sensing and actualising emerging future opportunities, both individually and collectively. In this program you will learn how to sense and seize future opportunities and how to connect to the deeper journey of your personal and professional life in order to become a more effective leader and change-maker in your work environment.

July 16-18, 2018

CliftonStrengths Summit


Omaha, Nebraska

The 2018 CliftonStrengths Summit will provide the education, inspiration and connections you need to transform your workplace. It’s where managers, coaches, innovators and leaders from around the world gather to shape the future of human development through strengths.

July 14 - 20, 2018

Returning to Nature: A Retreat on the Four Elements

Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

The Buddha frequently recommended practice out of doors, encouraging us to enter the world where tranquillity and silence are so readily available. As our society becomes increasingly speedy and noisy, separating us further from our true nature, this recommendation could not be more appropriate. Drawing on the rich resources of Vallecitos’ stunning natural surroundings, we will participate in this age-old tradition of turning towards nature as a support for spiritual practice.

The focus of our practice together will be the on Four Elements – earth, water, fire and wind. While we are all familiar with these qualities in the external world, we can miss the play of them within our own body and mind and so miss the profound teaching that is pointing to a place of freedom and letting go.

Throughout the retreat meditation guidance and Dharma teaching will be offered on this theme as well as times of silence and opportunity for discussion. Through our practice and contemplation and the support of the natural world, we will create an opportunity for deeper insight to arise into the true nature of what we take to be “me” and “mine”. There will be guided sitting, walking and standing meditations as well as unguided ones and optional daily qi gong.

August 31 - September 5, 2018

Touching the Earth Within Us: An Embodied Meditation Retreat in Nature

Vallecitos Mountain Retreat Center

Based upon the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and loving kindness, this silent meditation retreat will explore our connection to ourselves and to the living earth through embodiment. Bringing in influences from various movement traditions and practice outdoors in the natural world, we will connect deeply with our physical, energetic, and emotional bodies. Through this connection we will touch the deeper truths about life and gain the stability of heart to move through this world with greater wisdom and compassion.

Insight meditation practice will be supported by daily vipassana and lovingkindness meditation instructions, including walking meditation outdoors in a spectacular natural setting.

In addition to individual practice discussions with the teachers, there will be an evening talk on Buddhist practice. To cultivate the meditation process, complete silence is maintained at all times throughout the retreat except during teacher interviews and group discussions